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2nd Visit to Cosford Container Park – Weekend Review


Cosford Container Park Weekend visit needs lots of Patience

After my recent Day 1 Cosford Container Park Lunch Review I could not wait to bring the family there so we plotted to go there Sunday night and take advantage of the bus service from Opposite St John’s Crescent (Bus Stop 97070) put on by Cosford Container Park to bring people to the ulu location 5pm until 11pm!

Bus Stop 97079 Opp St. John's Crescent

Bus Service 20 mins not 10 Mins as advertised!

I took the image above time stamped at 5.59pm and the one below at 6.19pm. The looping bus service was promoted to be every 10 mins so the family was a little frustrated with my decision to get the bus but I wanted to check it out and obviously not a good start to a night out.

Cosford Container Park Bus

When you see the traffic jam below you soon realize why the bus took 20 mins to loop instead of 10 mins. People were giving up and doing 3 point turns to get away fast as it was not moving!

Cosford Container Park Traffic Jam

Due to limited car parking spaces at the venue everyone then has to park on double yellow lines, just look at how these people have parked? With the Police K9 unit 2 blocks down I wonder how long they will put up with this at the weekend?

Cosford Container Park Double Yellow Lines

Cosford Container Park By Night

The venue looks really good at night, hopefully an airplane does not confuse it for a runway!

Cosford Container Park by night

Cosford Container Park Games – Break the Teeth

This was the only stall with no queue, can’t think why!

Cosford Container Park Games Room

Cosford Container Park View from School of Cambridge

Two sets of stairs leading up to School of Cambridge, the view over looks the Creamy Duck & Luk’ers Drinks counter!

Cosford Container Park Drinks Counter

Every Table Full

Unfortunately table choping brings out the worst in Singaporeans, there was no chance of us getting a table without hovering over someone’s table as they finished their meal. With seating of 340 for the entire space it was very frustrating, there was just no sort of order here. The higher than hawker prices of food did not justify for it given the lack of ability to get a seat before ordering food. It was no better than eating at Lau Pa Sat at lunch time in the CBD.

Cosford Container Park Lack of available seats

Drinks Stall Luk’ers was 8 deep and slow as everyone’s orders were for around 4 people or more.

Luk'ers Cosford Container Park

School of Cambridge

I suggested we head upstairs to get some respite from the unorganized chaos downstairs. At least that’s what I thought….

Cosford Container Park School of Cambridge taircase

It appears School of Cambridge is not a bar you can go hang out at to enjoy some drinks overlooking the airport, it’s merely a bar where people bring their food from downstairs upstairs to get more seating. I feel sorry for the bar sponsors for paying for the branding because its just full of people eating slices of pizza and not actually drinking alcohol!

Maybe this will change over time, hopefully the management makes the necessary changes here because as far as I can see this does not work as a bar!

School of Cambridge

With no tables upstairs or downstairs and now frustrated we decided to leave and head to nearby and back up option Bark Cafe for their famous Chicken Wings and chili sauce! PS I did challenge ETC at Cosford Container Park they needed to beat Bark Cafe Chicken wings, and Bark Cafe still wins hands down!

So we left without even eating, this is not a food review its a venue review now, they have lots of issues that need to be resolved before I for one will bring the family back but I might pop by to say below 2pm to 5pm for the 1 for 1 beers but midweek, never at the weekend!

Cosford Container Park Weekend Conclusion

Frankly speaking we have waited for Cosford Container Park to open for so long and at a 7 figure cost to them for that delay I am sure they are glad to be open but on our end as locals living in this area we already made a conscious decision to not return at a weekend again!

One thing that got me was the number of people with dogs, when I met the team from Cosford Container Park on opening day they said dogs would not be allowed but I did not see any signs indicating No Dogs, so not sure what happened there, so clarity on being pet friendly would be good to know!

The main reason for not returning at the weekend again is the seating situation, I am not paying more than I would at a hawker to have to hover over a table. The School of Cambridge needs to be separated from the downstairs entirely before I come back for a drink, we still have Georges Parc Komo for that and no noisy planes landing!

When I discussed it with Brian even he said based on this feedback he would not get a taxi there given the cost to go to an up market hawker center with no tables! So it’s only going to draw those with a $200k Toyoto Corolla who need somewhere else they can bring their dog!

I honestly don’t care about the parking as it’s walking distance for us but when the LTA finally wake up, the parking fines will be enough to turn away the people that have bothered to go back again. I would be looking at this issue if I was running the venue because once the Kiasu crowd has gone the people that might return will be put off by the LTA fear factor!

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