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The Bark Cafe Review


Does Bark Cafe do the Best Chicken Wings in the East Coast?

We moved to Upper Changi Road area a few years ago and people said Bark Cafe Chicken Wings are to die for so we did not wait and headed right over! Why have we not told you about this before? Well I didn’t want to tell you until now! Read on….

The Bark Cafe Bus Stop

Bark Cafe is an open plan restaurant adjacent to the Changi Chapel and Museum that has a symbiotic relationship due to the car park which as you can see below has ample parking by day for chapel and cafe alike and by night for over 40 vehicles.

The Bark Cafe Car Park

We headed to Bark Cafe after the visit to Cosford Container Park at the weekend where parking was an issue. I think Bark Cafe will benefit initially from the problems of parking at Cosford. By day Bark Cafe is less busy and the evenings tables do fill up, so its worth calling ahead and making a reservation.

The Bark Cafe

Bark Cafe Kitchen & Chefs

The team at Bark Cafe are kept busy and whip up some quality local and western food. They have a large open concept kitchen that is kept spic and span and is almost a show piece of the restaurant! A fully equipped bar serves drinks directly to your table without fuss.

The Infamous Bark Cafe Chicken Wings

The chicken wing images below are from 3 different visits, don’t worry! They come in two sizes Small 3 pieces ($10.90) and Large 6 pieces ($18.90). My suggestion is don’t bother with the small as you’ll only want more!

What was interesting in pulling all these images together was the vast difference in colour between the chicken wings, personally I did not sense a difference between visits but clearly the cooking styles have been altered between chefs.

On our latest visit we ordered an additional chili, the sambal is fantastic and compliments the chicken wings but the lighter chili is more vinegary and has a sweeter tang!

Bark Cafe Menu

Bark Cafe menu offers visitors a wide variety of dishes from the delectable Spicy Ikan Bilis ($9.90) which is a little overpriced if you ask me through to a top end Fois Gras with Raspberry (14.90) a much better priced option for appetizers!

On the mains recommended is the Famous Fish & Chips ($22.90) is another go to for us, the tartare sauce is tangy and hits the spot, my daughter tends to lean towards to the pasta options! The chicken pasta below is no longer on the menu but the recent visit option was Wild mushroom Olio Spaghetti ($18.90), portion sizes are big, you can share!

Bark Cafe Dessert Options

If we have space for dessert (of course we do!) it hits the table and spoons dive in before I can even get a picture! But the Dark Chocolate Lava Cake at ($11.90) is sharing size after those big portions of main course.

Check out the full Bark Cafe Menu here!

The Bark Cafe Pet Friendly

Is Bark Cafe Pet Friendly?

With a name like Bark Cafe what else do you expect, of course its dog friendly! All dogs are kept on a leash, often sit on the chairs with their owners and freely bark without anyone telling them to stop! Weekends it often feels like as many dogs as people and the love and affection is real both ways between dogs and owners alike!

Bark Cafe Address & Contact Details

Address: 1000 Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore 507707
Telephone: +65 8281 2125

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