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Chops & Sear Bedok


Western Food at Hawker Centres

Chops & Sear was featured in the post i did called De Tian Coffee House – Bedok, having lived in Singapore for 25 years I have never eaten at a Western stall so I thought why not throw caution to he wind and give on a try!

Chops & Sear offers a wide range of Western style options so it is a step up from what I have seen at a Western hawker stall in the past.

Chops Sear Chops & Sear Bedok

I opted for the Chops & Sear Australia Beef Patty Brioche Burger priced at $10.50

Australia Beef Patty Brioche Burger

What can I say but I was impressed with the Australia Beef Patty Brioche Burger, restaurant worthy for sure! Price point is high for a hawker but to be honest I would eat one of those again over a $25 restaurant burger, so well done Chops & Sear, might have to try some other dishes next time I get the chance!

Chops & Sear Bedok Burgers

Look at beef burger, a big thick juicy beef patty, crisp onions, melted cheese and a drizzle of tomato sauce and it even had some pickles! Bang on!

Chops & Sear Contact Details

Address: 59 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 461059

Email: chopsandsear@gmail.com

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