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ChillaxBBQ inaugural event


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


ChillaxBBQ the Beginning


You know when you have one of those ideas and you think, yeah never gonna happen? Well, my mate Rutherford and I had one. Did we make it happen? This day was the first – concept to reality. We made it happen – this is ChillaxBBQ inaugural event. How excited were we to be cooking for our mates AJ and Jerri and their celebration of their newborn Kaius? I tell you what, not just excited, but quietly having kittens.

A list of 80 turning up, that turned in to 120. OMG!!! But the ChillaxBBQ inaugural event went swimmingly well I think, we coped, we pushed on through and served pretty damned good food for about 8 hours. I am so happy and impressed with the ChillaxBBQ crew. A few of whom were ‘borrowed’ – thanks to; my Amy, Sophia, Peter and Ollie. An amazing job guys!

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Here are the two idiots that you can have to invade your gaff and have us cook delights for you – you lucky people!

But for the ChillaxBBQ inaugural event what kind of food were we throwing out? I hope you like the looks of this, it is from the heart, and from our own experiences. This was an Australian/Chinese mix for a first-month celebration. Did those of you that came know that this is a full moon celebration, of the fact that the baby survived a full month of life? Thank goodness this gorgeous family had this party.

But this is a foodie blog, so I have to stick to the plot and show off our wares for the ChillaxBBQ inaugural event. I think we did good, I do hope so!

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
First up is Singaporean slow roast pork belly with apple puree, mustard, and Yuzu dip.

Come on for two AngMo, I think that looks pretty damn good!!!

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Banh Mi up next – oh come on really???

Really, yet more pork belly, but with pate, mayo, fish sauce, salad and goodness know what else. Oh yeah, baby, bring on the best sandwich you’re likely to have at a BBQ.

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
1st of the meat dishes, plank smoked Wagyu steak – charred on coal.

If there was such a thing as butter-beef this would be it. Smoked on wooden planks, and then charred on the direct heat. This is serious beef folks. One not to be missed!

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
And party pies too, but get this, with tomato sauce syringes. You have to be kidding me – but no it is true! Oh yeah and beautiful servers, sorry Pete move over!
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Be still my aching heart – next on the meat front is the Tomahawk steaks, medium rare, please. Oh Jesus!

This is naked. Sea salt, a little cracked Kampot black pepper, and oil. Sear, stand, rest. Have a look. Trembly hands as typing. This is just amazing steak. Not bad from a ChillaxBBQ inaugural event. Bones were being randomly taken and consumed, bring on the carnivores!

ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Our beautiful servers were swamped with hungry hands!!!
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Here’s something new for a BBQ, how about Thai style mussels?
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
We are dedicated, but occasionally this is indeed thirsty work – we are human after all!
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
You just have to try our satays once. Home-made and unique in the spice blend. You just have to. And the ‘special’ peanut dip is up there too! These are crackers!
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event
Not the last dish, but the last photo. Laab Kai on cucumber boats – liking this one.

Pushing it out ChillaxBBQ inaugural event, we go for a Thai chicken mince curry, served in finger food cucumber boats – tell me when you see that at a BBQ? I like it a lot.

So there you have it ChillaxBBQ inaugural event. I truly am so so proud, as is Steve, of what the team achieved. It was a monster. From 80 t0 12o covers. But we think all left sated and perhaps thinking, well that was different for a BBQ. Give us a call if you want some. We had a blast and hope you will also do so too – ENJOY!!!

Thanks to;

Partner in crime – Rutherford

Our beautiful servers – Amy and Sophia

Venue – Charlie @ ClubMeatballs

Additional Sous-Chefs – Peter and Ollie

Decor, the amazing – Stacy

And the people paying us to be there – AJ and Jerri.


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