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Brekkie Sub Recipe ‘w’ leftover Old Chang Kee


Brekkie Sub Recipe 'w' leftover Old Chang Kee

As you know Jude Jude and I love our little Saturday boy’s mornings, and we always get breakfast snacks first at Old Chang Kee at the petrol station. Off to ballet with Strawberry Blonde and then boy’s time making cars, and planes and cutting recipes from magazines as we munch on brekkie from Old Chang Kee. Love it. This Saturday we were so busy making stuff that we didn’t even have time to visit The Secret Garden. Anyway, how is that relevant to brekkie this morning? Well, we had some leftover Old Chang Kee cheesy chicken balls from Saturday and I repurposed them this morning to make a new recipe. So sustainable!!!

Brekkie Sub Recipe

I’d have that for brekkie any day of the week. I think that looks pretty damned good, and the kids loved it. A job well done Dad!!!

Here we go, Brekkie Sub Recipe;

  1. Get the frypan on the heat and add a good 2″ knob of salted butter;
  2. When that is hot throw in 3 Old Chang Kee cheesy meatballs and a hot dog bun cut in half;
  3. Toast off the hot dog bun in the butter until nicely browned and pop it on a platter;
  4. Fry off the Old Chang Kee cheesy meatballs until they crisp up and brown too – set aside;
  5. In your saucepan make 2 eggs worth of scrambled eggs;
    • 2″ knob of butter in a pan and crack in the eggs;
    • On the heat and stir with a plastic spatula;
    • Off the heat for a bit and stir, then on the heat for a bit and stir, off the heat…;
    • It should nicely melt the butter and the eggs should start to come together;
    • When it is nearly done (still a little wet looking but holding together) off the heat;
    • Season with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  6. Spoon those amazing eggs over your toasted hot dog buns;
  7. Place three Old Chang Kee cheesy meatballs on top of the eggs;
  8. Sprinkle some grated cheese over the top and melt that off with a hand torch or under the grill;
  9. Serve!!!

And that is that. Brekkie Sub Recipe ‘w’ leftover Old Chang Kee. A great way to keep the kids happy for brekkie and to up the ante is by getting in a few more food groups down their throats. The kids LOVED brekkie today. Have a crack – ENJOY!!!


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What is Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee is a food retail business that was established in the year 1956 in the city-state of Singapore. Curry puffs, which are essentially pastry pockets filled with meat and potatoes cooked in a curry sauce, have become the company’s hallmark item. Fish balls, spring rolls, and sotong balls are just some of the numerous Singaporean and Asian delicacies that can be found at Old Chang Kee.

They also have a broad selection of other snacks. Since then, the chain has expanded its operations to other nations, and can now be found with locations in places such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Map of Old Chang Kee – Map of Singapore

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