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Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali


Chill out at Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali

We were desperate to get to the beach on Boxing Day. We had to exit the villa at midday and there was no storage for our bags. A genius plan came about over a beer or two, let’s get a van for a tourist day trip. Leave the bags inside it, whilst we eat and meander. Now we can go to the beach and one of our favourites; Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali.

Last time we were here was 6 years ago, our last trip, when we stayed at W with the DiStefanos, and then a HUGE family villa with the Rossetti’s. Remember that? HERE YOU GO – CLICK. So we came to people watch, eat, have a few drinks, see the beach, on to temple hunting, Jimbaran Bay, and then the big villa in Ubub to meet the rest of the gang over for Ruther’s 50th. Yep this was one little part of today – here comes Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali.

Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Tis the season to be jolly and all that, but… We got here at about 1215 and it was SOLID PACKED. We were so so lucky to be standing next to a group who happened to just be leaving. Liking this – cool breezes, ambient house music, great food and people watching on steroids…
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Yep that works. W Hotel is a mere walk away up there…
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Beach monkeys having a blast in Bali and @ Potato Head
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
You really cannot help but chill out here – 3 restaurants now. We just went for a la carte bar food, but just so happened we got COOL seats.
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
See what I mean – oh yeah baby, we is chilling indeed. “My good man, could I trouble you for a lovely ice bucket full of San Miguel’s please….” Ahhhhh it’s good to be King!!!
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Ollie and I go for piggie small burger. Whopping beef pattie with slow roast pork belly, coarse cheese and the like. Washed down by a cold one,=. Match made in heaven – great work Potato Head.
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Mary and Jude get deep in to the slow braised BBQ beef rib. Almost ChillaxBBQ-ish this. Like that a lot. It was fall off the bone meaty goodness. Jude was quiet for ages, always a good sign of great food ha ha!!!
Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali
Amy gets stuck in to the classic beach food of fish and chips, and quality it was. Mary had a sample and called out how fresh the fish was. Super tasty, super fresh and belter or beer batter crunch to boot. Nice work!

It surely is not gourmet food, but why would you want it to be. Just slam some beers in an ice bucket, get my toes in the sand and throw a burger on a plank for me. Happy Days at Potato Head, Seminyak Beach, Bali. Whenever we’re at Bali, Seminyak we will always always come here. It’s the best chill location, with the beautiful Bali beach people. I even bought the best ever Hawaii style shirts with Bali spin from the Potato Head shop. This place is a cracker and in my reckoning should be on everyone’s must do list if you happen to be holidaying here. You have to. Come – ENJOY!!!

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3 Highly recommended menu Potato Head Bali Menu items:

Nasi goreng babi – bali
wok-fried rice with singaraja pork sausage, egg, braised pork and mushrooms
IDR 125

Bebek goreng sambal mangga muda – java
crispy half duck, green mango and red chilli sambal
IDR 220

Spicy dog (d)
smoked chicken sausage, brioche bun, chipotle aioli, pickled green chilli, coriander, potato chips
IDR 150

Potato Head Address & Telephone

Address: Petitenget St No.51B, Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Telephone: +62 361 6207979

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