is life a recipe

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Cooking for 30 (or so)…


Remember the chilli for Jerry.


Well here is where it all happened.

What a venue. Silly sod has never fired this barbie up in the 2 years he has lived at the house. Crazy man. I would kill to have this as my kitchen.

;;;;Mr Singh – the host with the most doing I am not quite sure – “Perhaps not your best angle Sir!!!”


My helpers came in – my kids. But that also includes Mr Jean-Luc Creppy – thanks pal, really appreciated the company and the help!!!

Amy helped with the garlic bread.


Ollie just sat and ate and drank – but he did chat with me. He chatted a lot – maybe because of the red bull.


Thanks guys!!!

So I started at 4pm and finished about 10pm – long session, MUCH food churned out;

Thai sausages,

Many other sausages,

Chicken wings x many,

Pork belly,

Pork ribs,

My nachos,

My chilli,

2x leg of lamb,

garlic bread,

salt and pepper crostini,

Thai dips,

and the list goes on, and on, and on…

I think happy campers – well they look happy!


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