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Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile

Where to have lunch today? After last week’s little find of a great Thai restaurant, and because we happened to be in the city an dnot far from Golden Mile, and me fancying Thai again – I know lets get over to Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile. No airs and graces here, packed to the rafters, always a good sign, and very reasonably priced, authentic to the hilt Thai food. Yep that means bum burner time. Man this stuff is good here!!!

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant
Tom Ka Gai, but now Diandin Leluk style

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile, I have to say a massive well done. You have knocked this dish out of the flipping park. This is right up there with the very best these little lips have ever consumed and again I will say that is across the planet. In fact I only just reviewed Gin Khao Thai Restaurant if you remember. But this version comes in a soup bowl, over some heat, so still bubbling away and is truly some of the best I have had ever!!! Seriously sour, very heavy on the chili, but because of the coconut cream it is a creep heat, not intense KAPOW moment, so yep one of the best soups I have ever experienced – perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy – DAMNED GOOD!!! If you come to this place this is a MUST have.

best thai food golden mile Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
Ooooohhhhh shiny veggies

OK OK taking the piss because of MSG, but these were delicious. Blanched only so lovely and crunchy, and fresh, with that lovely hint of salty from the oyster sauce. Simple and delicious.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
BUM BURNER ALERT… The Laab Gai or Chicken Lap as was on their menu

Phew call the fire brigade, yep this boy was a bad boy. Man this was as authentic as you could get and that means the chili was up there in a big way. Again a pretty slow creep but when it hit in and you lose the feeling of your tongue is when you know that right now this is hurting, and later on this is going to hurt again, just in a different place. This was a belter – perfectly cooked moist chicken mince, sour from the lemon, some coriander and mint in there, some raw shallots and loads and loads of chili – check those red flecks in the picture and the organgy brown sauce. Yep Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile, do not hold back. Thank goodness!!

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
Stuffed chicken wings now

Minced pork and minced prawn stuffed in to chicken wings and deep fried. Good choice Baby Jude. A little chili dipping sauce along side it, if that takes your fancy.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
Kway Teow Kwa Gai for Amy, she’s really getting in this dish

Just like her old man, Amy is becoming that creature of habit with her food. Two times running now for the same dish when having the same style food – Thai. She is really getting in to this Thai version of Kway Teow, its really so very good. I have no idea how, but they cook it with this smoky flavour, almost like it has been cooked over BBQ coals. Intense but boy it works so well.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
Suki Noodle with seafood for Mum

OK not the best in the bunch. Mary was not sure re this one. Completely different to the photo, this one came out more like an egg soup as you can see, whereas the picture showed something more akin to a tom yam soup. She didn’t really finish this, but plenty of other food to snack on. Sorry Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile, you do indeed have one complain from family Kennett this lunch time.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile
Ground chicken meatball sup with bean curd for Baby Jude (hey he was hungry)

One more little sampler was this soup. I was thinking Jude as he loves his beancurd and did indeed love this dish. The soup was light, slightly meaty overtones, parsley (as in European not Asian/Chinese as that is coriander), meatballs made with ground chicken but then with little shrimps in them too (why???) and served all together in this lovely little silver pot. Very nice. Didn’t knock my socks off to be honest, but it was really nice. Jude liked it too, in fact I think he ate all the bean curd and one of the chicken meatballs. So there you go Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile, Baby Jude was impressed – well done you guys.

So there you have it folks our little foray in to the world of Thailand again, and likely the closest you will get to Thailand outside of Thailand is indeed Golden Mile. Go to Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile to eat and then go shopping at the supermarket for things you’ll likely never have seen before, or smelt before come to that. A quick trip through the fish area where the salted fish, cured fish and the shrimp paste is on sale will whizz you through for sure. Not one to be walking through if you have a hangover for sure. So get to Golden Mile folks, this good is exceptional for flavour and for value for money. If you want your Thai fix, look no further –




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