OMOOMO Kallang Wave Mall

OMOOMO Kallang Wave Mall

OMOOMO Food concepts aims to fuse Korean flavours and cooking techniques well with other cuisine to create unique brands that will provide a WOW dinning experience! “OMO-OMO”, a Korean expression meaning “OH-MY!” – used to describe amazement and surprise is what our uniquely flavoured customized fusion dishes aim or to surprise your taste buds! 

Pork-free and with vegan options available, there is also Build-Your-Own choices from our sheer variety of ingredient choices!



6702 1835

Omoomo Food Concepts is a Korean-Japanese fusion fast food concept located in Singapore. They offer a variety of dishes that combine flavors and cooking techniques from both Korean and Japanese cuisines. Some of the popular items on their menu include rice bowls such as Spicy Chicken Don, Karaage Don, Teriyaki Chicken Don, and Bulgogi Don. They also serve dishes like Spicy Chicken Omelette Don, Spicy Chicken Bibimbap, Bulgogi Onsen Don, and Ebi Omelette Don.

Omoomo has multiple locations in Singapore, including Kallang Wave Mall and Downtown East. Customers can choose to dine in, take away, or opt for delivery services from platforms like and The restaurant aims to provide a unique dining experience by fusing Korean flavors and cooking techniques with other cuisines.

OMOOMO Kallang Wave Mall Telephone & Address

Address: 1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall, #01-40, 397628

Telephone: +65 8881 7319

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