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Memoirs of wet markets and Yam cake


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Brian Kennett

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Memoirs of Wet Markets and Yam Cake


Sadly the last one of the memoirs now – I have ran out of content from that early early morning, hangover experience with Spencer and Emily. This is Memoirs of wet markets and yam cake. Thanks again to my camera man and guide/translator. I have to say a very funny whilst challenging experience – top drawer.

This time I am eating yam cake, which completely threw Spencer as my least liked – yes the oyster is his favourite, and my most liked out of the memoirs was the yam cake, which is his least liked.

One question though – how come those Hangover movies go to Las Vegas, Bangkok etc. I get to go ChinaTown in my home country of Singapore, and have to eat oysters, rotten eggs, and cuddle eels. Not a roofie in site, and no beer. Come on Spencer and Emily- anyone got any Salmon? Luvverly!

I really did like this dish – sadly I can’t remember which food-stall and don’t seem to have a picture either. It is like a sweet yam paste, wrapped in a beautifully light rice noodle wrapper. You know the type, like angels wings – I have usually had these noodles with char siu, or prawns within them with a slightly salty – I assume, light soy sauce. Then to mix it up add the dark soy, and some chili sauce. Sweet and savoury all in one, some heat punch and then a little sour salty from the dark soy. With a little fried egg too. Yep I like this, I like this a lot!

Memoirs of wet markets and Yam cake
Doesn’t look much, but I tell you, get all those flavours a going together. Oh yeah baby

Memoirs of wet markets and Yam cake  ENJOY!!!

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