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ChillaxBBQ 7部, or 1st Jags & ChillaxBBQ

Off we go again folks, for the next cooking event for the crew; ChillaxBBQ 7部, or 1st Jags & ChillaxBBQ. Our very first pop-up style event, offering Sunday Brunch, all-you can eat, and incredibly low pricing for drinks. Thanks to;

Tanya and the Jags crew for allowing us to do this;

Ollie for being official photographer;

Amy and Ollie for being simply the very best servers in the history of time;

My family for losing yet another weekend day without them;

Of course the crew – Steve, and Ollie; but so importantly

ALL the amazing people that came by this day to dine on the three amigos nosh – THANK YOU!!!

So what did we do this day for ChillaxBBQ 7部, or 1st Jags & ChillaxBBQ? It was a very early start, especially after the rugby the day before, phew! So about 0630 prepping starts, off to wet markets, butchers and grocers. Shattered already. 1000 and off to Jags with BBQ, eskis, bags, knives etc. Let the games commence.

ChillaxBBQ Slow Roast Cajun Pig Trotters
Turn off your eyes folks, this Cajun Pigs Trotters are delicious

Mr Pork, and two new additions for ChillaxBBQ – Cajun Pig Trotters, that we slow roast and then crisped up and handed them out for the guest to carve themselves.

Here they are dry-rubbed. These were a really big hit, absolutely something we’ll go for again. Oh yeah, forgot to say that I studded them with garlic too.

This cracked me up at Cold Storage, a slight mishap re the placement of the yellow sticker methinks. Don’t think I’ll be eating many of them thanks!

MONSTER wagyu steaks, seriously high end good quality. And boy oh boy did this come out well. Just salt & cracked black pepper – that’s all you need!

Do you like the wristbands? Pay for food and wear one with pride ha ha!

You ask, you get. Tomahawks pretty please, oh go on then!

We took a foray in to the world of seafood this day. Something different hey! Lime, garlic, and ginger BBQ prawns.

It’s 10am and Duck Dynasty is skewering prawns, in BLISTERING HEAT hmmmmm!

Signature satays are out again!

Cannot stop thinking of that Wagyu, well hello there you beautiful thing!

fullsizeoutput 1fcfe ChillaxBBQ 7部, or 1st Jags & ChillaxBBQ

It’s nearly on, and we are ready ready ready!

Out comes my Teppanyaki grill – one of best cooking items I have purchased, it is GENIUS.

Another addition for ChillaxBBQ this day is crispy bacon with maple syrup – it flew off the plate!

I wish you could appreciate how hot this was here, it was insane. Boiling bright sunshine, humidity, and of course lots of fire surrounding us from the two BBQ’s – OMG

What’s that saying; if pigs could fly? This is the maple syrup bacon, it literally did not touch the table. Bacon flying, hey presto!

It’s about to get busy.The crew chatting running orders, and the Jags team get balloons up – the silver one is a #1 for the first Jags ChillaxBBQ. You never know there may be a #2.

Check out those signature skewers, world class we think!

The prawns came out really really well, of the skewers and on the plate, and then immediately off the plate!

Hello there big boy! We slow roast these 2 at a time, so we had constant supply of Tomahawks to char and serve. Delicious!

Signature sausage selections from SideCar. Superb as always!

The paprika crackled pork skin is becoming a favourite now, second time for this!

Our signature roast pork belly was out in full force of course, and our Banh Mi’s were a major hit too today.

ALL the meat came out so well, we got much accolade for this today. Thank you everyone!

We did two cheese fondus today, even Chris the magic cheese man, was in attendance. Again this fondu got rave reviews today, with many coming back to ask for more and more.

Let’s be having you – here comes the second go at ChillaxBBQ Chilli Challenge – today with a slight twist that we randomly place coolest and hottest – yes it is Russian Roulette time!

The amazing server, Amy Kennett, received so many comments today from guests. Apparently she was outstanding, making everyone feel so welcome, informed and engaged. Here she is with my mate Dan.

And the ChillaxBBQ Chili Challenge commences!

And they’re off…

Go on Toby get in there!!!

Little does Sami know, that he just picked The Ghost Chili. Whoopsy!

And it had the desired effect, loads and loads of laughing and smiling punters!


The much needed wind down for the crew – shattered!

Plus Amy and Ollie. We could not have done this today without you guys, you were incredible, serving, prepping, filming – INCREDIBLE work today!!!

And then a few very much needed cold ones and a little letting down of hair, with the remaining guest of which there were many! End of the day, and early night. So tired, ChillaxBBQ over and out!

But before we finish – here’s one more look at ChillaxBBQ Chili Challenge – in goes AJ.

So there you have it folks, ChillaxBBQ 7部, or 1st Jags & ChillaxBBQ. Thanks to everyone again that came, ate our food, and gave us positive commentary. That’s what makes us do this again and again. Truly appreciated. Again to my kids, you guys ROCKED yesterday. Ruthers & Ollie my brothers. And again to Tanya and Jags for allowing these boys to have some fun at your place. If you want some of ChillaxBBQ yourself, just ping us a message, and I am certain you will indeed – ENJOY!!!

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