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Wolaa @ East Coast Road, dinner with family


Wolaa East Coast Road

Yeah, baby another exciting little find. Our good mates the Breens have been here and really liked it. Every time we go past on the bus we see it and think; “Oh yeah we must pop in there one day…” And today was the day. After much badgering from #1 to go we did. He had had his extra Chinese lessons, and we had just been to see The Lion King (pretty good actually). So in need of a feed, we walked up to Wolaa @ East Coast Road, dinner with family.

I have to say, folks, this is one to visit. It’s quality at really really good $$$. Food is fresh as too with a couple of real standouts for me, as you will see below. Come see them at 376 East Coast Road, 428984. If you want to ensure a seat give them a bell at 6312 3376. We had a super-attentive interaction with, I assume the owner, who is clearly very proud of what he has created here. A great variety of all sorts of different Asian delights and Western too. We went heavy on Asia. Also, 5 Heineken bottles for $40 is pretty acceptable too.

Let’s have a look at Wolaa @ East Coast Road, dinner with family.

Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
Happy Kennett campers pouring over the rather extensive menu. So much choice. Man oh man what to choose?
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
I tell you what, any restaurant that has this sign hanging in the window will always grab my attention. That is without a doubt!!! You had me at hello!
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
Wolaa’s chicken curry. Straight in there for BeBe. Maybe another choice for you Kev & Steve to Colbar and that journey over West…? BeBe feedback, sorry Wolaa, was that GoodTime Hurry Hurry Curry was more ‘up there. I didn’t try Wolaa’s so could not personally comment but will say that Good Time’s is a bloody tough act to follow, especially with that Charcoal Youtiao. Just saying like. Perhaps I’ll have this on my next trip to Wolaa.
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
THREE of us get stuck into the Pho Bo. The owner kept advising this was 8-hour broth with fresh ingredients and it was absolutely that. You can tell. The taste was fresh, no oil or fat, the noodles were light and sublime and the herbs and scallions were super fresh. As in, picked just there and then before serving. You can see that from the picture. A little squirt of lime, some fresh Thai Basil and some of their homemade super hot bum burning sauce = BOOM. A spanking Pho Bo. Yes indeed. Great work Wolaa, that’s a bloody cracker right there!!!
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
Wifey and Amy get going on the fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls. I tell you what these are some of the best, if not the best I have ever had. Again freshness is KING for this dish. The pork belly was super soft and delicious, with very fresh prawns and again incredible vegetables and herbs. These were amazing as just this, but then they bring out the homemade dip and this goes up to another level completely. Off the charts good!!! You must try these if you frequent Wolaa.
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
Here is that bum-burning dip. If I could shower in this I would. It is a stunning dipping sauce. I am guessing here; fish sauce, lime juice, honey, sugar, coriander, and of course loads of chili. WOW!!! Wifey, Ollie, and I were all completely raving about this with those Spring rolls. Match made in heaven!!!
Wolaa @ East Coast Road, #workisover-rated dinner with family
And another standout. Would you ever think Din Tai Fung had a competition??? You may have seen the blog of the weird coloured ones I did recently at Imperial @ Funan who came close. But I tell you this multi-raced menu restaurant on East Coast Road did the job absolutely. This Xiao Long Bao is bonkers good and comes with punchy vinegar and ginger dipping sauce. These are seriously good and Din Tai Fung you surely do have some major competition here from these guys… Not oily, delicious soup, perfectly seasoned pork, and dumpling skins that were silky. Imagine if they did a black truffle version here!!! There’s a thought Wolaa….

Next time we’ll be going for the hot plate for sure. The house special, or as the owner calls it; “Mum’s night off…” But what we had tonight at WOLAA Kitchen & Bar was exceptional food for the $. We will absolutely be back. In fact, I have to do as I promised as the owner gave me another bowl of Pho Bo stock ha ha. But even without that gift, we will absolutely be going back to sample some more of that menu. It’s good. It gets an Islifearecipe big thumbs up and that of the Kennett tribe too. Get yourself down here and chow down – ENJOY!!!

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