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Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Wet Markets Century Egg Porridge and Chicken Feet


So what do my camera man and guide/translator have in store for The Semi-Naked Chef now? I think they are finally about to go easy on me, see we’re at Hong Kong Dim Sum. I like Dim Sum, but wait a minute what the hell is that – oh yes of course, it just had to be didn’t it – 4 dishes of Dim Sum of which one is – yep you guessed it bloody chicken feet.

Check this out – another first for yours truly. Slightly not so hungover now, I think from the shock of the others so far ha ha.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet
Hong Kong Dim Sum, ChinaTown Wet Market

And he we are at Hong Kong Dim Sum, for some Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet from The Semi-Naked Chef, oh yeah and his mates Spencer and Emily. Yet more food, some more photos and a little more video as you would have seen. Now this one was pretty tame in comparison to the last two I have to say.

Although – I am putting a chicken’s foot in my mouth. I don’t even put Mary’s foot in my mouth. They don’t even wear socks and shoe’s and run around in their own shit, actually what would be worse a shitty chicken foot that’s been cleaned, or a clean but sweaty chicken foot because of socks and shoes in Singapore.

I do love chicken though. Chicken meat, gizzard, heart, liver and my favourite the skin. So perhaps these won’t be too bad, as at the end of the day it is only chicken. Yeah but with toe nails on it.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet
Smells like chicken, looks like chicken – but it’s got toe nails

You sort of suck on the foot, and all this jelly ooze comes out from beneath the skin. Once you get passed that it really is very nice tasting, almost a little like mild chicken skin. But you have to get used to that sucking of gelatin, oh yeah and you have to get used to all the little bone joints leaving its neighbour and ending up in your mouth. Not my favourite thing.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet
Here we go – look at those little puffy toes

Almost looking like some Western tourist‘s puffed up feet from walking in flip flops round a hot sweaty Singapore.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet
Actually looks extremely good I think you’ll agree

Now to the right of the chicken feet is century egg porridge, or congee. A normal egg that has been preserved in clay, ash, salt type things for quite a few months. It turns the egg white sort of brown glass colour and see through as well, and the yolk turns a mushy green almost cheese tasting mush. Hey why not add that to some porridge/congee with a little soy. Yeah and then let’s serve that with some steamed chicken feet – well that makes sense.

preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months
Here’s my rotten egg porridge/congee

Actually joking aside this was actually very nice. I really enjoyed this dish. Little bit of chili sauce in there, and the flavours all came together really really nice. Yep this one gets a good marking from The Semi-Naked Chef – and another that was a first.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet
And the Dim Sum came up trumps too

Thank you to Spencer and Emily – AGAIN.

And a special thanks to Hong Kong Dim Sum, ChinaTown wet market – great food. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Memoirs of wet markets and chicken feet – a review from The Semi-Naked Chef – ENJOY!!!

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