Ma Maison
The décor of the restaurant boasts an old-English Steakhouse charm, adorned with metal pots & pans and mahogany wood tables. Even the table cloth is of vintage-outlined botanical fabric, exuding a pompous Victorian-style dining that make diners feel at home. Ma Maison has become an outstanding fusion restaurant chain in Asia due to its extensive menu of French-inspired Japanese food. Some of the restaurant’s best-sellers include the Nagoya-style “Ishiyaki” Miso Katsu Don, Beef Katsu Curry and the “Ikasumi” rice with deep-fried seafood
Head down to Ma Maison at Bugis Junction Haute cuisine at its finest!

Ma Maison Bugis Junction


Pastas , Fusion Cuisine , Snacks & Finger Food , Salads , Japanese-Western Cuisine

Ma Maison is a pioneer of the unique fusion cuisine – Youshokuya, a cooking style which incorporates Western ingredients and Japanese culture. The brand was founded 37 years ago by Akinori Terazawa of Nagoya, Japan, who believed in creating a relaxed atmosphere where diners can appreciate his food and hospitality. Since then, the brand has expanded to over 25 branches in Asia including Singapore and the Philippines. 


Ma Maison Bugis Junction #02-51

+65 6338 4819

Ma Maison: The Epitome of Japanese Western Cuisine

The Origin of Youshokuya: A Culinary Revolution

Ma Maison, which means “My Home” in French, is a pioneering force in the world of Youshokuya, or Japanese Western cuisine. With a history spanning over 37 years, Ma Maison has successfully introduced a unique culinary concept to the Asian market. This distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western flavours has garnered a loyal following and enabled the brand to expand across Asia with an impressive 28 outlets to date.

A Fusion of Flavours: The Ma Maison Menu

Tonkatsu: The Art of Aging Pork

At Ma Maison, the chefs have mastered the craft of aging pork to perfection, culminating in their renowned Tonkatsu dishes. The aging process not only enhances the flavour of the pork, but also tenderises the meat, resulting in an exquisite Tonkatsu experience that is both delicious and succulent.

The Homemade Fruit Tart: A Café Delight

Ma Maison takes pride in their homemade fruit tarts, a scrumptious addition to their café outlet menu. These vibrant, visually stunning desserts are crafted with precision and care, using only the freshest fruits and premium ingredients to ensure a delightful taste sensation with every bite.

An Expanding Culinary Empire: Akinori Singapore

Akinori Singapore, the company behind Ma Maison, has been in the restaurant business for an impressive 40 years. Through dedication to quality and innovation, they have expanded their horizons with 36 branches of Ma Maison restaurants in countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore

Ma Maison Bugis Junction Address & Telephone

Address: 200 Victoria St, #02 – 51, Singapore 188021
Telephone: +65 6338 4819
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