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Our Pan-Asian menu has been shaped by our journeys across the region – journeys we still regularly undertake, discovering amazing new recipes and learning from the chefs who’ve perfected them. We bring you the real flavours, real textures, real freshness – and, for those that crave it, that real heat-kick, too.


Ngee ann city #B2-33/33A

+65 6235 2318

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TAMPOPO, located in Ngee Ann City Mall, is under the capable leadership of Mr. Takaaki Takagi, the Managing Director of Creative Food Concept, boasting over 30 years of experience in the food industry. Mr. Takagi has not only dedicated himself to Japanese cuisine but has also served as an advisor to various local and international organizations, sharing his expertise and promoting the excellence of Japanese culinary traditions and fresh produce.

In the midst of Singapore’s Japanese food craze, Mr. Takagi pushed culinary boundaries by introducing Kurobuta, Ramen, and Japanese Confectionery to Singapore’s vibrant F&B market, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Today, Mr. Takagi continues to innovate and create new dishes, delighting the palates of both Singaporeans and the Japanese community residing in the city. Among his standout creations over the past decade is the beloved Collagen Rich Chicken Pai Tan Ramen, a masterpiece that keeps loyal customers returning for more.

The name “TAMPOPO,” meaning Dandelion in Japanese, draws inspiration from the resilient and enduring nature of this flower, which thrives even in challenging conditions. True to its namesake, TAMPOPO is dedicated to delivering the quintessential Japanese dining experience by sharing the authentic flavors and cultural richness of Japan.

Established in Singapore since 2004, TAMPOPO places a premium on using the freshest ingredients imported directly from Japan and other quality sources worldwide. This unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction contributed to TAMPOPO’s recognition as the “Best Japanese Restaurant in Singapore” by the AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards in 2016.

Renowned for its Kurobuta offerings, TAMPOPO has conveniently located outlets in the heart of Orchard Road. Beyond favorites like Kurobuta Shabu Ramen and Kurobuta Tonkatsu, the menu also boasts an array of exquisite Sashimi and delectable Ramen options. For an authentic Japanese culinary experience, look no further than TAMPOPO.

Notably, TAMPOPO was the pioneer in introducing Kurobuta (Berkshire Pig/ Black Pig) to Singapore, earning a well-deserved reputation as a Kurobuta specialist. Their Kurobuta is sourced from one of the largest Kurobuta-specialized farms in the United States, known for its exceptional juiciness and tenderness. This culinary excellence is attributed to the high-quality feed of Sweet Corn and the precision of Japanese meat-cutting techniques executed by their skilled butchers.

Tampopo Ngee Ann City Address & Telephone

Address: 391B Orchard Rd, #B2 – 33, Singapore 238872

Telephone: +65 6235 2318

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