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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Recipes using Food Stacker

I have been looking for these things forever in Singapore, going to Totts and other cooking suppliers. Then I have 5-minutes on Amazon, they were ordered, shipped and 3 days later my very own Curtis Stone Food Stackers were part of my culinary toolkit. Nice.

A stainless steel set of four food rings in different sizes with a little push down plunger thing to compact the food inside the rings to keep the stacker shape. Just heavenly.

So what are Food Stackers? They are stainless steel food molds for presentation and plating basically. Come on, you’ve been to restaurants where your food comes in a stack of layered food, with different textures and colours. Did you ever wonder how they do it? ]

Well, it is with Food Stackers, aka Stainless Steel Rings for Cooking, aka food moulds, aka steel round rings.

See what I mean? These are not easy to search online and find. But today I got mine and today I had some initial fun with a few food stackers recipes which I’ll share with you below. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Stackers answered by ISLIFEARECIPE-dia

It’s quite funny, but we have seen a lot of questions about food stacking rings Singapore. So it is time to answer some of the common ones for you.

Cylinders with open ends varying in diameters and heights, but they all have the same basic design. Other names for these rings include: prep rings, plating rings, shaping rings, food styling forms, mini tart rings, food moulds, food ring mold, stainless steel rings for cooking, food molds for presentation, and simply food rings.

Professional kitchens in the utilise these food rings/stackers to create a variety of visually appealing starters, main courses, sides desserts and cakes. You’ll see some of our ideas below.

Cooking with chef rings may help you produce a faultless appearance with no effort while also providing a wide range of items that can be used for everything from egg dishes to veggies to anything else in your dish. Plate your meal and use presentation techniques to make it seem even better. Again, we’ll give you some ideas below through our recipes.

Stacking a variety of various components in different strata is the goal, and cutting through the layers reveals the distinct flavours for the consumer about to dine.

Let's have a look at some of our 1st recipes after we purchased our Food Stackers

Apologies upfront for the poor quality of the photos – not quite sure what happened this day with the camera.

food stacker

So here is attempt number one with layers of plain white rice, smoked salmon, blanched vermicelli noodles, roughly chopped avocado, a smearing of hoisin sauce, boiled crab meat and some flying fish caviar as a crowning. Seriously how good does this thing look? Love my new tools, just not my camera today.

stainless steel rings for cooking

No 2 attempts. A layer of rice, smoked salmon, avocado, crab meat, grilled tuna steak, a spoon of hoisin sauce, plain white rice and again flying fish caviar as the crown. Mary ate this one and said it was delicious, so there we go it looks and tastes good, so it must be good. Right?

food stacker ring

No 3 attempts and one for me with no fish. A layer of rice, tomato relish, Shabu Shabu beef (simply stir-fried in a little oil, garlic and soy), avocado, thinly sliced tomatoes, a good sprinkle of sea salt and cracked black pepper, Vermicelli noodles, and topped with parma ham. Ding Dong! I liked this a lot. 

And here are some additional recipes of late that we have been creating using our Food Stackers, now with much more confidence, finesse and flair I'd say

Food Stackers Recipes

Lump Crab ‘w’ Egg, & Citrus Burnt Butter – a stunner that I served up with some citrus pepper mayo, some fish roe on top and some edible flowers. 

In the final version, I also broke up some beetroot chips on the plate – rather pretty!!!

stainless steel rings for cooking

Bubble & Squeak Stackers – We had been to another of our favourite restaurants the day before and had to do some take-home, as yet again we had ordered way too much food for one sitting.

Not wishing to waste that delicious food I re-purposed it to a British favourite for the ‘morning after’ Sunday lunches and the like.

The infamous Bubble & Squeak Stacker…

food molds for presentation

Breakfast Egg-Fried Rice Stackers – layers of Thai-style egg-fired rice with melting cheese in between. A rather decadent breakfast with some garnish of dried roses from Golden Mile and fresh basil leaves.

food stackers

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Stackers – I love this palate-cleansing salad and now to make it a vertical salad by getting some good quality beef tomatoes and superb Mozzarella, fresh Basil and top-quality Balsamic Vinegar. She was a beauty!!!

So what do you think my friends? I think these stainless steel food stackers are just so cool. It was so much fun to make these dishes, and I really do think the outcome is so impressive.



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