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Food Stackers

I have been looking for these things for ever in Singapore. Then 5 minutes on Amazon, they were ordered, shipped and 3 days later my very own Curtis Stone Food Stackers were part of my culinary toolkit. Nice. A stainless steel set of four rings in different sizes with a little push down thing to compact the food inside. Heavenly.

So what is are Food Stackers? They are stainless steel tubes basically. Come on you’ve been to restaurants where your food comes in a stack. Layered food. Did you ever wonder how they do it? Well it is with Food Stackers. And with mine, this day, I had some fun.

Food Stackers
So here is attempt number one. A layer of rice, a layer of smoked salmon, a layer of blanched vermicelli noodles, a layer of roughly chopped avocado, a smearing of hoi sin sauce, a layer of boiled crab meat and some flying fish caviar. Seriously how good does this bloody thing look. I think AWESOME!!! Love my new toys.
Food Stackers
No 2 attempt. A layer of rice, a layer of smoked salmon, a layer of avocado, a layer of crab meat, a layer of grilled tuna steak, a spoon of hoi sin sauce, a layer of rice and again flying fish caviar. Mary ate this one and said it was delicious. There we go then – looks and tastes good, so must be good. Right?
Food Stackers
No 3 attempt – one for me with no fish. Layer of rice, layer of tomato relish, layer of shabu shabu beef simply stir fried in a little oil, garlic and soy, a layer of avocado, a layer of raw thinly sliced tomatoes, a good sprinkle sea salt and cracked black pepper, a layer of vermicelli noodles, and topped with parma ham. Ding Dong!

So what do you think my friends. I think these are just so cool. So much fun to make these, and I really do think the outcome is so impressive. Loving this. Very restaurant looking presentation, and actually so very simple to do. Impressive. I like. I hope you do – ENJOY!!!

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