Not my forte but a diversion into some sweet and savoury for after the main event. Nothing overly sweet as that is not my style. But nonetheless, these are bloody delicious.

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4 Final one for the day is actually the last dish you’ll bet getting on 6th October. This is Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4, and the dessert is Filipino Pandan Sweetcorn, with Coconut and Toasted Sesame accompanied by Longan Sorbet. Phew!!! I think this is a...

Brian Kennett

September 17, 2016

Asian Ice Cream

Oh my gosh a dessert for the first time in forever. Wow that sounds like a line from Frozen – and strangely enough this is an ice cream dish. Very very very simple! Any ice cream will do. I used cashew and vanilla. So throw down a couple of scoops...

Brian Kennett

January 18, 2015