Banh Mi

Banh Mi This is a stunning recipe. I guarantee you will all love my version of the infamous Vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi. I created this for our trip to St John’s Island with our usual gang of friends. Lets knock up something different for the trip, I thought. And that...

Brian Kennett

December 3, 2016

Asian Corned Beef Hash

Asian Corned Beef Hash You seriously have to have a go at this one. It’s a relatively easy one to make and I have done the video for you to show just how simple it is. A bit of a gradually throw stuff in a fry pan concept. Now that’s...

Brian Kennett

November 8, 2015

Asian Egg Breakfast

Asian Egg Breakfast This dish is slightly inspired by one of my all-time food heroes, the legend Gordon Ramsay. His version was North African in style, but hey The Semi-Naked Chef lives in Singapore – so here is my Asian Egg Breakfast. This is superb for all the family, as...

Brian Kennett

October 18, 2015

Asian Ice Cream

Oh my gosh a dessert for the first time in forever. Wow that sounds like a line from Frozen – and strangely enough this is an ice cream dish. Very very very simple! Any ice cream will do. I used cashew and vanilla. So throw down a couple of scoops...

Brian Kennett

January 18, 2015

Asian Beef Carpaccio

Asian Beef Carpaccio A little home-grown recipe this. It’s a Carpaccio that I call Asian, because it was created here in Singapore and does have coriander in there. So there we go, Asian Beef Carpaccio it is, and shall remain. Carpaccio is basically a cold dish of raw beef –...

Brian Kennett

December 22, 2014