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Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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400 East Coast Road

Presenting the Al Forno Brunch….

Do you have family? Family that like great food. Do you like getting all of the family together for family lunches. If you do, look no further than Brunch @ Al Forno @ 400 East Coast Road. I tell you, these boys ROCK. We have been here loads of times. They vary the menu week to week, so even if you went 4 times in a month you would not be eating the same. All the food is fresh, and it is superior quality. The free-flow beer and Prosecco really is that, with no stinginess at Al Forno, as they are seriously not a glass half-empty team for certain.

Sadly for this blog I am not going to do the Al Forno Brunch justice, as I did not take enough photos. A serious recommendation is to book ahead as this place is packed every Sunday we have been there. Give them a call @ 6348 8781, pop the boys an email through their web site @ Seriously make sure you do to avoid disappointment.

This day we went with our mates The Rutherfords, and we ate, and drank a huge amount. What a fantastic lunch with family and friends this was.

Brunch @ Al Forno @ 400 East Coast Road

Super fresh seafood – this is quality. And as you can see it is super simple, just as it should be.

Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road 3 Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road

Here’s one of my plates. A cracking Caesar Salad, an amazing array of cold cut meats, mozzarella with tomato and herbs, and a superb selection of cheese. Super fresh again, nothing from a tin here folks.

brunch east coast

Another happy customer – here’s Stacy on a return trip to stock up with more food. I tell you its busy in here. Love that kids hair in the bottom right too. Also check the selection down the left, tray after tray of tasty stuff to get in to, and right behind me is the pizza oven where they have about 6 different varieties on offer continually – BOOM!!!

al forno east coast

So many Alforno Brunch desserts, that I did not have enough memory on my camera to take them all ha ha. Mini tiramisus, ice creams, cakes, tarts – the list goes on and on.

alforno east coast

Biscuit things that were quite incredible, I am assuming pistachios in there. Pretty little things aren’t they.

400 east coast road

As I said it is THE perfect for place with the family, the kids can be entertained whilst the adults can Chillax (plug). So, for example, even the table clothes are paper and that is not because the boys are cheap, no it is so they can supply pencils to the kids so they can draw on them. What a genius idea! I love this, Baby Jude drew some zeros and a J for his name – then got creative…

al forno east coast

And turned it in to a face, yep we ripped this off – keeper.

Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road 9 Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road
Not an iPhone or iPad in site, I like that. Not only do they get fed health, super flavour some food, but they sit and interact and entertain themselves. Here is evidence of that – note the empty plate and happy little face busying himself. You gotta love that as a parent.

My bad for not taking more food photos, I was too busy eating. But hey there is another incentive to come to try Al Forno Brunch @ 400 East Coast Road. It really is a bloody good Sunday day out location, bring your family, bring your friends, get a bloody big table and have fun. Chat, drink, eat – it doesn’t get much better, especially at the prices these guys are charging. The boys ROCK. Oh yeah and if you came 4 Sundays in a month you would not have the same food. How about that! Its one that should be on your bucket list, so get down here and – ENJOY!!!

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