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Rach Chef Table ChillaxBBQ | BBQ | Review | Singapore


Rach Chef Table

ChillaxBBQ | BBQ | Review | Singapore

Nearly there to an end of the suffering from lockdown in Singapore and the rather daft 2 only dining-out (in) ruling (especially when you have a family of 5 that all lives together – just super-daft). Birthdays and other celebrations are continually getting slapped because of such and ChillaxBBQ have been busy because of that…

But, today was a romantic dinner for 2. For a birthday.


At a stunning condo up around Orchard Road. Their food playlist was chosen by the alpha male on behalf of his partner whose birthday it was. Music was pumping, lighting was romantic – and they then had this fat man stood 5′ away cooking up their dinner haha.

Talk about open-kitchen.

Talk about cooking under pressure.

But what a lovely couple to cook for. Perfect ‘hosts’ and I surely did not feel like ‘staff’. Thank you both for that.

Also, an incredible view from the office this evening as you will see from the videos.

Plus a first. The client took photos and shared them. So in today’s Vlog, you get the client 1st person views of the ChillaxBBQ experience including FatBeardy on the tools. Again thank you to Rach.

It goes like this;

If you want a Chef Table experience around your house or even just a delivery to home, give us a call.



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