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ChillaxBBQ @ Jatin | Chef Table | Singapore | Cooking


ChillaxBBQ @ Jatin

Chef Table | Singapore | Cooking

Still suffering from only 2 allowed to dine together due to the lockdowns in Singapore.

With birthdays and family dining continually getting impacted because of such.

So this lovely chap, Jatin, reached out through Facebook, with an ask to do a ChillaxBBQ at his condo for his wife’s 40th and her mate’s birthday too. We agreed on a rather nice menu together and off we jolly well went last night. Cooking outsourced to ChillaxBBQ so they could sit and enjoy a lovely fun dinner with hopefully good food.


Feedback was rather good, it has to be said.

Thanks to Jatin and his family. Your daughter was such good company by the way and the dogs too haha.

It goes like this;

If you want a Chef-Table experience around your house or even just a delivery to home, give us a call.



Is Life a Recipe

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