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M@K@N by Rashani – Parc Komo Shoppes


Ding Heng at Parc Komo has a new neighbour serving up Indian Muslim food to the neighbourhood! I popped into to wish them well and will be returning soon!

M@K@N Parc Komo
M@K@N Indian Muslim Restaurant
M@K@N by Rashani
Indian Muslim Restaurant
Makan Drinks
Beef Rendang, Mutton Rendang and Nasi Lemak (Singapore/Malaysia Coconut Milk Rice)
Beef Rendang, Mutton Rendang and Nasi Lemak (Singapore/Malaysia Coconut Milk Rice)

Dropped by this morning to try out their food and i am hoping that they are still in start up mode because I was not overly impressed.

Teh Tarek (extra Tarek) $1.70
Teh Tarek (extra Tarek)

I opted for a mix of Beef Rendang and Mutton Rendang and was given two small pieces of each. I also opted for the Nasi Lemak Coconut mil rice, then topped it with the chicken curry as they said its got chili-padi aka Birds Eye Chili.

As you can see from the plate, its all rice and no dish! Even the chili sauce was more than the meat curry sauce. One slice of cucumber (so much for my 5 a day veggies) and those peanuts were half that until I asked for more!

The chili sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking, the beef was a little tough but the mutton melted in my mouth, so one plus I guess. On check out the girl was extremely blur on what to charge me for my choices and tried to charge me an additional $1.70 for the Nasi Lemak Rice, until her colleague stepped in and brought it down to $5.80 for a plate of rice, two bits of meat, a light sprinkling of peanuts and one slice of cucumber! Teh Tarek was $1.70, had to ask them to actually tarek (pull) the tea, the clue is in the name!

My conclusion is that the other stall they run called Ayam Bakar by Rashni at L:i Xin Food Court nearby is better albeit a little less hygienic with the birds flying into the kitchen through the back door. Not sure I will be rushing back here given the other choices we now have in the local area are growing by the say.

M@K@N by Rashani Address

Address: 963C Upper Changi Rd N, #01-10, Singapore 506790

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