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Li Xin Food Court Review (2024)


An Industrial Estate Coffee Shop with many New Hawkers

Located at 1 Changi North Street 1, #01-04, Singapore 498823

Li Xin Food court
Li Xin Food court

Food Court Near Me….

I happen to love a greasy spoon cafe back in the UK and they are not for everyone, well finding a coffee shop near where I live on an industrial estate is a close as I will get here in Singapore.

They offers the local workers in warehouses good local foods at affordable prices, so Li Xin Food Court was a great find for me as its a mere 5 min walk from where we live.

Who is Li Xin Investment Pte Ltd?


LI XIN INVESTMENT PTE. LTD. is a Singapore-based exempt private company limited by shares. It was incorporated on October 21, 2016, and has been operating for approximately 6.6 years. The company is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore.

Xi Lin Food Court is Spacious

The only problem here are the number of birds that have entered the area and despite there being safe guards to stop them they are there. I have seen them in kitchens of some of the places as well. More can and should be done for hygiene reasons.

Xi Lin Food Court Spacious

Ayam Bakar by Rashani

Good food, great prices! will be back again for sure!

Address: 11 Changi North Street 1, Stall No 9, Singapore 498823
Telephone: 8907 8481

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Family run business that makes exception roast meats, very flavourful and are happy serving long queues of happily waiting customers – Expect long queues at lunch time! We have gone back multiple times and really enjoy the wonton Noodles and Char Siew Rice!

Chili is help yourself and as you can see I do! Lashing and lashing of Chili for me every time!

Address: 11 Changi North Street 1

Telephone: No number

Rong Hee Seafood opens at 1am but closes later than everyone else, bonus for dinner time! Call them in advance to order and pick up yourself as there is no delivery. Do pick up a menu from them for your next visit and ordering from home!

Address: 11 Changi North Street 1, #01-04, Singapore 498823

Famous JB 101- Firewokz

Famous JB 101 Li Xin Food Court Li Xin Food Court Review (2024)

Famous JB 101 has stepped into the Rong Hee slot nicely with some delicious looking offerings that had me salivating first thing in the morning! Seems they are open 10.30am to 3.30pm, then closed until 5pm and re-open until 10pm not 11am to 11pm as advertised!

Now lets take a good look at the dishes on offer here, the one that’s unusual that grabbed my eye was surprisingly the White Pepper Chicken Soup! Strange right but it will be my first to try when I get back, guess I need some Chicken soup for the soul!

Famous JB 101 Menu List

  • Black Pepper Crab
  • Western Butter Crab
  • Signature Crab Bee Hoon
  • Steamboat Fish Head
  • Signature Lala White Bee Hoon
  • Malacca Sauce Red Grouper
  • Garlic Honey Pork Ribs
  • Signature Fried Pork
  • Salted Egg Bittergourd

You can order in advance Tel. +65 85411048

Kimly Mixed Veg

Kimly Mixed Rice 金味飯莊 (No. 11 Changi North Street 1)

Rongcheng Ban Mian

Rongcheng Ban Mian Li Xin Food Court Li Xin Food Court Review (2024)

A new comer to Li Xin Food Court, Rongcheng Ban Mian offers Fish Soup and Seafood soup as the main line but s you can see from the variety on offer such as Steamed Gyoza 6pcs for $4 up to 10pcs for $6 seems like a deal!

Judging by the boxes of EZY cook KOKA Noodles they are very popular for the facotyr workers nearby, with dishes like Pork Rib Noodles $4.80, Tom Yam Seafoood Ban Mian $5.50 they looked packed with ingredients and have already enticed me back soon to give them a try.

If you look below the big sign board you’ll notice the Pork Porridge + Century Egg for $3.50! I know what I am having this weekend for breakfast!

Master Briyani @ Changi North

Ordered the Egg & Onion Prata (that way its made fresh, trick of the trade!). Lots of good fish curry sauce slathered over the top (you can order on the side if you prefer). Will be heading back for the Biriyani.

Address: 11 Changi Road North, 01-04/15 Singapore 498823

Telephone: +65 6304 8076 & +65 8951 5989

Website: https://masterbriyani.com/

Lite Bites

For Chari Siew Bao, Bread, Rice Dumplings, Chee Cheong Fun, Shui Kueh and Nasi Lemak you can find this place near the Teh & Kopi Stall.

Lite Bites

Li Xin Food Court Teh & Kopi Stall (not sure what else they are managing there!)

Li Xin Food Court Teh & Kopi

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