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Springleaf Prata Review

Best Prata in the whole of Singapore

I think my good mate Spencer is trying to fatten me up. Every day he is sending through restaurant recommendations. But today he even executed against the recommendation and took me for a late breakfast to Springleaf Prata Place. Amazing is that this is in Siglap and The Semi-Naked Chef did not know it existed. Also another crazy thing is it is right next door to the Siglap wet market that I blogged about before, remember, another place that I didn’t know about until my mate SoonYew told me. So off went myself, Spencer and newly found friend Wills.

Springleaf Prata Place 2 Springleaf Prata Place
Like a hawker but indoors
The usual unassuming interior but with simply amazing food.

What we ordered at Springleaf Prata

We ordered, for round #1, Umami Murtabak, Green Chili Prata, Paper Prata and 3 cups of tea. Enough for three grown men, and all for $13.90. Oh yeah baby, me like this place. All served with that curry sauce that looks so good you just know it will be absolutely delicious. So in I go taking a bit of everything and then smothering it with curry sauce. MAN OH MAN!!!

springleaf prata jalan tua kong
Wafer Thin Prata aka Tissue Prata

A little bridge of wafer thin prata goodness

Excuse the artsy farty photo – you have Spencer to thank for that ha ha. But actually is does look bloody good. This is the paper prata – so called, I assume, because it is paper thin. Simple, not oily, just delightfully crispy, but also chewy in the middle. Get some of that curry sauce all over it and the angels will indeed start to sing. Wow!!!

spring leaf prata menu
Incredible Fish Curry

Fish Curry made for the Gods

Come on look at it – you just know this is going to be good right? Hours bubbling away with all the meat and fish in it. We had two types a meat and fish curry sauce. The fish one is not fishy in any shape or form but is a little more sour due to it having some tamarind in it. These simply exquisite – you have to try Springleaf Prata Place.
springleaf prata newest
Umami Murtabak

The Springleaf Umami 50 is an incredible Umami Murtabak

Here is the Umami – a special murtabak for SG50. Murtabak! This beast has chicken luncheon meat (yep Spam), chicken floss, cheese, egg and special sauce! This thing is heart attack on a plate, BUT it was bloody good. I think the special sauce was some mixture including Japanese Mayo as I definitely got the vinegary mayo taste. Winner Winner Chicken Luncheon Meat Dinner!

Springleaf Prata Place 6 Springleaf Prata Place
Green Chilli Prata, Best Prata in Singapore

Best Prata in Singapore

Saving the Best to last. The Green Chili Prata. “This is simply the best” as Tina Turner would say.

A thin, crispy, chewy prata loaded with green chilis. A little spice, a little heat. Whack on the curry sauce and here comes the song – “Heaven, I’m in heaven…”

We ended up having two of these they were that good. You have to have to have this. And that was not a repeat mistake. You have to have this.

Just the very very best prata I think I have ever had. Amazing!!!

I seriously would be back just for this.

springleaf junction 10

Check this out. We even had a few birds turn up for the curry. Boys you know what I mean. We weren’t expecting this, but seriously a load of birds rocked up and started tucking in. 

A great end to the late breakfast.

Springleaf Prata Place - Jln Tua Kong - Opening Hours

8am to 11pm Daily Monday thru Sunday

Springleaf Prata Address & Contact Details

Address: 57B Jln Tua Kong, Singapore 457253

Phone: +65 6636 2935