Salads & Soups

If you just fancy some greenery one day, something lighter, or something to accompany something – look no further. Here is an array of different styles of salad recipes for you.

Cambodian Beef Salad

Cambodian Beef Salad You are so going to love this one. If you like South East Asian style food with that sweet, sour, and spice flavour combo, then this is a salad for you. I think you’ll agree this salad would wow any plate on any table, and it really...

Brian Kennett

June 20, 2016

Buko, on Boracay

Buko, on Boracay What is Buko and what us Buko , on Boracay? Well it is basically fresh coconut. Literally plucked from the tree and then hack up to leave it open at one end and flat on the other. Normally served with straw and soon as you want to...

Brian Kennett

September 19, 2015

Asian Beef and Prawn Salad

Asian Beef and Prawn Salad With an invite to my good friend and neighbour, Ben’s birthday, with his wife Jacelyn. I thought the honourable thing to do was to knock up a quick dish. What came from the Semi-Naked Chef was this absolute knock-out Asian Beef and Prawn Salad. I...

Brian Kennett

September 8, 2015