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Excellent British Beef Recipe (2023)

Excellent British Beef Recipe (2023)

Excellent British Beef Recipe (2023) for the Singaporean British Chamber of Commerce Cooking Competition Excellent British Beef Recipe (2023) British Chamber of Commerce Singapore | British Beef Rib Recipe How lucky am I sometimes? My BFF Spencer pings me!! “Mate, get an application in for this cooking competition that The British Chamber of Commerce is […]

Best School Dinner Broadrick (2023): Meat Collective and ChillaxBBQ

lotte award-winning Australian wagyu tomahawk steak

Best School Dinner for Broadrick School: and Meat Collective Best School Dinner: Meat Collective: in the dizzying hustle and bustle of school life, nailing the perfect dinner can seem as hard as solving a complex maths equation. Yet, there’s a secret ingredient that can turn this challenge into a piece of cake – a […]

Delicious Milk Fish Recipe (2023)

Milk Fish wrapped in Pandan leaves

Milk Fish recipe wrapped in Pandan leaves Here is a new recipe for you. Milk Fish recipe wrapped in Pandan leaves, which is very Filipino Food in style. Mary had asked me to cook Milk Fish for a BBQ we were going to be attending, so I made up this little recipe for her. It’s […]

8 Hour Slow Cook Lamb Shanks : best Recipe 2023

8 hour slow cook lamb shanks recipe

8 Hour Slow Cook Lamb Shanks : the very best Recipe Slow cook lamb recipe is a cause and effect of Butcher Box and my BFF Shaun @ 414 Joo Chiat Road again. I saw these beautiful lamb shanks and immediately thought of slow-cooking them for 8+ hours to fall-off-the-bone deliciousness. And here is where […]

Laab Gai Pizza : Superb Recipe (2023)

laab gai pizza

Laab gai pizza recipe Laap or Larb or Laab Gai is a quintessential dish in Laos and Thailand. Different varieties can be found in each country: gai means chicken but you can find beef and pork versions. Some are scorching hot and some are relatively mild, some have mint and some don’t, and so on. […]

Breakfast Recipe : brilliant for kids 2023

Breakfast for the kids

Incredible and Fun Breakfast Recipe for kids Breakfast Recipe and a half… Greetings, gourmands! Are you seeking a tasty breakfast recipe to get your day going and leave you feeling satiated and energized? Look no further because we have you covered with a tantalizing breakfast dish that will have you eager to get out of […]

Chili-con-carne Recipe best for (2023)

Semi-Naked Chef Chili

Incredible simple Chili-con-carne Recipe (2023) Here is an incredible Chili -con-carne recipe for you. I made this for a mate’s house party recently and it went down rather well. Literally. Everyone said how much they liked this. Some interesting ingredients in there as you’ll see, but the outcome is this dark, thick, savoury, spicy chili-con-carne. […]

Baby Octopus with Chorizo Recipe (2023)

Baby octopus with Chorizo

Amazing Baby octopus with Chorizo Recipe (2023) This really is one of the easiest things to prep and cook. But it lands on the plate vibrant in colour, and intense in flavour. Try not to blink as this will be going bloody fast believe me. Here comes my Baby octopus with Chorizo. How to cook […]

Amazing Tuna Tataki Recipe (2023)

Amazing Tuna Tataki

Amazing Tuna Tataki Recipe (2023) This came as a special request one ChillaxBBQ. Of course, I nodded complete acceptance of being able to do this on a BBQ, and then quickly had to check to work out what the hell it was. I had an idea but needed a little guidance was all. So here […]

Thai Red Curry BBQ Prawns Best Recipe 2023

Thai Red Curry BBQ Prawns

Thai Red Curry BBQ Prawns Recipe This could be one of my chosen main course options for Kilo Under Pressure – I made this up today I have been thinking and thinking about my menu, over and over again in fact for Kilo Under Pressure. I think I am decided on one, this fusion version […]