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Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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The Very Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe: Salty, Sweet, Spicy, Sour...

Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe: A very simple recipe this one, but the results are spectacular. This is my Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe. Apologies in advance for the very poor photo, this was before I was using my new camera. I need to cook this dish again and jazz up that snap. Dear me.

Tom Yam Fish Head Soup:

Tom Yam Fish Head Soup is a Thai culinary delight known for its rich and aromatic flavors. Typically prepared with fish heads, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and Thai chili paste, the soup boasts a perfect balance of sour, spicy, and savory elements. The dish is a variation of the popular Tom Yum Soup, with the addition of fish heads providing a unique and robust taste. 

best tom yam fish head soup recipe

Not the usual Tom Yam Recipe, and certainly not the usual fish head curry – but hey I think it works so well.

Some slight cheating for this one again, as I do use some Tom Yam paste from the supermarket as the initial base. Seriously though the packet mixes are so good now, why bother adding 30-40 minutes of prep time if you are in a rush to cook? Especially like me with two kids sitting there starting to chew on their fingernails with hunger pangs kicking in. Here we go with my recipe for Tom Yam Fish Head Soup.

First though to resolve any confusion. You would know if you lived in Singapore that fish heads usually go in curries, not Tom Yam soup. So my fusion version is to combine the two. Hence Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe.

This is not one I have tasted yet as this is way too fishy for me, but I have it on good authority that this is indeed one of the best Tom Yams yet tasted. If the fish head is not your cup of tea, you could simply replace it with anything you like. Chicken, pork, or just plain fish fillets – they should all work very well with the soup base.

Easily enough for 2 to 4, but I suppose it depends on who demands to eat the fish cheeks will in turn determine how many fish heads you’ll need. In a big pot or saucepan add the following:

  • 2 litres of fish stock;
  • 1 litre of water;
  • 1 packet Tom Yam paste;
  • 5-6 stalks of lemon grass, trimmed and peeled to the softer inner and bruised with the side of your knife (basically bash them);
  • 5 garlic cloves, again peeled and bruised with your knife;
  • 6 or so shallots, peeled and roughly chopped;
  • 2 fish heads (or alternative) – I have used salmon for this recipe;
  • 2 finely chopped chili padi or more if you like to up the ante on the heat;
  • About half a small bottle of lime juice or 4 or so fresh limes worth of juice;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of fish sauce (how salty you want it is your choice of course); and
  • A good pinch of salt and cracked black Kampot pepper.

That’s that! On the heat now. Bring to the boil, give a good stir to mix all the ingredients, and to dissolve the paste. Reduce to a simmer until the fish heads are nicely cooked and equally apportioned to your serving bowls. Before that though you do want to taste the soup. You want salty, sour, and heat from the chili in there. Add more fish sauce, chili, or lime juice according to your preference. Garnish with a little ripped coriander and there you have it – Tom Yam Fish Head Soup.

Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe

Welcome to Islifearecipe’s flavorful journey into the heart of Thai cuisine! Today, we’re diving headfirst – quite literally – into the world of Tom Yam Fish Head Soup. Imagine a steaming cauldron of aromatic broth, infused with the zesty kick of lemongrass, the warm embrace of galangal, and the unmistakable Thai chili paste dance.

But wait, there’s a twist! We’re not just talking about any Tom Yam Soup; we’re spotlighting the magnificence of this dish with a generous addition of fish heads. Yes, you heard it right – fish heads, the unsung heroes of umami, elevating this iconic soup to a whole new level.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why fish heads?” Well, these aquatic treasures bring a depth of flavor that transforms the broth into a symphony of tastes. The tender meat around the cheeks and the richness from the gelatinous parts infuse the soup with an unparalleled richness. Get ready to embrace the vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and the unique blend of sour, spicy, and savory notes that make this dish a Thai culinary masterpiece: one we’re proud of.

So, whether you’re a seasoned home chef or just dipping your toes into the world of Thai cooking, join us on this gastronomic adventure as we uncover the magic behind the Tom Yam Fish Head Soup. Get your aprons ready, and your taste buds primed, and let’s embark on a journey that promises not just a recipe but a celebration of flavors that will transport you straight to the bustling streets of Thailand! WOOF!!!

Conclusions of my Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe

Easy huh? You are seriously going to love this one – and I guarantee you’ll get thumbs up from devout Tom Yammers despite it having fish eyes sitting there staring up at them! So please try my Best Tom Yam Fish Head Soup Recipe. ENJOY!!!

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1.Can I use any type of fish head for Tom Yam Fish Head Soup?While traditionally made with white fish like snapper or grouper, you can experiment with various fish heads for unique flavors. Just ensure they are fresh and have enough meat.
2.What makes Tom Yam Fish Head Soup different from regular Tom Yam Soup?The addition of fish heads brings a richer and heartier dimension to the soup, infusing it with a distinctive seafood essence and enhancing the overall umami profile.
3.Can I make a vegetarian version of Tom Yam Fish Head Soup?Absolutely! Substitute fish heads with tofu or mushrooms for a delightful vegetarian twist. Adjust seasonings accordingly for a flavorsome, meat-free option.
4.Is Tom Yam Fish Head Soup very spicy?The level of spiciness is adjustable. You can control the heat by adjusting the amount of Thai chili paste or adding more coconut milk to mellow out the flavors.
5.Are there any specific side dishes that pair well with Tom Yam Fish Head Soup?Common accompaniments include jasmine rice or noodles. Fresh herbs, such as cilantro and Thai basil, complement the soup’s vibrant flavors.
6.Can I freeze Tom Yam Fish Head Soup for later use?While the soup is best enjoyed fresh, you can freeze it. However, note that the texture of fish may change upon thawing.
7.What alternative ingredients can I use if I can’t find lemongrass or galangal?In a pinch, use lemon zest as a substitute for lemongrass and ginger for galangal. While not identical, these alternatives can impart similar aromatic notes.
8.How do I balance the sourness in Tom Yam Fish Head Soup?Adjust the lime juice quantity according to your preference. Taste as you go, and add more gradually until the desired level of sourness is achieved.
9.Can I use frozen fish heads for this recipe?Fresh is ideal, but frozen fish heads can be used. Thaw them completely before cooking and ensure they are of high quality for the best results.
10.Can I make a Tom Yam Fish Head Soup in a slow cooker?Yes, you can! Slow cooking allows the flavors to meld beautifully. Adjust the settings to low, and let it simmer for several hours for a deeply infused soup.

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