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Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Review


Ba Xian is a high end Chinese restaurant that’s located in the confines of the Tower Club at Republic Plaza. The restaurant is not open to the general public but a members restaurant that has opened up to the likes of One° 15 Marina Club, The British Club, The American Club and American Express Platinum Card holders to offer their members access.

The Tower Club is an exclusive haven of sophistication and culinary excellence. Boasting breathtaking views of the city skyline from its elevated location, the Tower Club offers a luxurious escape for discerning diners and socialites alike.

With three distinct dining establishments, including Atlantic, Straits Bar, and Ba Xian, this prestigious club invites guests to embark on a culinary journey like no other. Ba Xian being located on the 64th Floor of the Tower Club the views are stunning!

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant View

As an American Express Platinum card user we receive a book of vouchers to use and a $100 voucher for The Tower Club was expiring soon so thought we’d head into town for a nice family meal pre-Christmas.

Check out the American Express Platinum Card benefits on the link below for detail.

*Disclaimer: This American Express card referral link is provided for promotional purposes. By clicking and using this link, the link supplier may earn referral points or benefits. Please review the terms and conditions of the American Express card offer for complete details on rewards and eligibility. The link supplier is not responsible for any actions or decisions made by American Express or its affiliates.

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Fine Dining

As you can see from the gallery below the dining setting is opulent to say the least. A spacious dining area and enough space between dining tables gives you a level of privacy but for those dining as a couple the high back chairs give additional coverage of seclusion from prying ears!

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Food

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Minced Beef Egg White Soup

Minced Beef Egg White Soup $20.00

I opted for the minced beef and egg white soup dish as opposed to my usual Hot & Sour Soup, a delightful change however a little underwhelming on taste, adding in white pepper and a little soy sauce and it elevated the dish.

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Whole Crispy Chicken with Poppadoms

Whole Roasted Crispy Chicken with Poppadom $30.00

My wife chose this one as the poppadom’s on a Chinese dish garnered her interest/ The chicken we extra crispy and with a side dish of salt this took the chicken on poppadom to the next level.

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Peking Duck

Peking Duck (2 Ways) $78.00

This was on special, Peking Duck two ways gave us the Peking duck pancakes (no images of those as they were served and wolfed down by all at the table before I could take a snap but you know what duck pancakes look like anyway!

I sent the picture to Brian who was boarding a flight back from the Philippines and his response was classic Brian “Looks like a duck eating a donut“!

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Peking Duck Truffle Hor Fun

Peking Duck Truffle Hor Fun

The Peking Duck options for 2nd course was an XO Sauce (Chili based) or a Truffle Hor Fun! We chose the latter in unison! As you can see there was more duck meat than Hor Fun and a sprinkling of bean sprouts which gave an added bite to this dish. Absolutely stunning but rather filling!

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Conclusion

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the food was exceptional, the service level was hands down top notch! The whole ambience was delightful, the fact its not available to the public means it felt much more special.

We had previously dined at the other restaurant Atlantic which we did not review but felt was dated, for Ba Xian we will certainly come back and bring the outlaws with us upon our return!

Ba Xian Chinese Restaurant Address & Telephone

Address: 9 Raffles Pl, Level 63, Singapore 048619

Telephone: +65 6737 3388 (Tower Club Line)

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