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Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass | Chef Ryan Clift | Singapore


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass | Chef Ryan Clift | Singapore

You simply have to try this once!

What we did this night was a cooking Masterclass via Zoom with the world-famous crew from Tippling Club, Chef Ryan Clift, Chef Ayo & Mixologist God Andrew.

It was such fun, even including beer and 3 Gin cocktails courtesy of Cambridge Gin. And bloody good they were too. Like seriously good. You sign up for the Masterclass and on the day you get sent a package containing, in effect, a mise en place, of all the items you’ll need to make the dishes. It is a GENIUS concept and it was just excellent fun for 5 hours or so. A brilliant night.

MORE PLEASE Tippling Club.

We want more.

This is highly recommended by The Ango Cooking Show.

Very British with Cambridge Gin, British High Commissioner, 3 British Chefs & Mixologist and all the food was very Best-of-British too.

It goes like this;

Scotch Egg. ‘w’ Bois Boudran Brown Sauce

Cambridge Dry Gin & Tonic – ‘w’ mint sprig

Beer Battered Fish and Chips – ‘w’ mushy peas, malt vinegar, tartare sauce

Jabberwock – Cambridge Seasonal Gin, Dry Sherry, Caferitif, Orange Oils

Betty Hardeman’s Not So Classic English Trifle

Truffle – Cambridge Truffle Gin, Vermouth, Marasca, Bitters