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Tippling Club Brilliant Cooking Masterclass with Chef Ryan Clift: Delicious 4 courses


Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass with Aming Chef Ryan Clift

You simply have to try this once!


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What we did this night was a Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass via Zoom with the world-famous crew from Tippling Club, Chef Ryan Clift, Chef Ayo, and Mixologist ‘God’ Andrew.

It was such fun, even including beer and 3 Gin cocktails courtesy of Cambridge Gin. And so good they were too. Like seriously good. You sign up for the Masterclass and on the day you get sent a package containing, in effect, a mise en place, of all the items you’ll need to make the dishes. It is a GENIUS concept and it was just excellent fun for 5 hours or so. A brilliant night.

MORE PLEASE Chef Ryan, you don’t need to wait for another Covid to make this excellence occur again. We want more Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass.

The Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass was very British with Cambridge Gin, British High Commissioner, 3 British Chefs, Mixologist, and even the food was very Best-of-British too: Fish and Chips, Scotch Eggs, and so on.

It goes like this: Tippling Club Cooking Masterclass

Scotch Egg. ‘w’ Bois Brown Sauce

Cambridge Dry Gin & Tonic – ‘w’ mint sprig

Beer Battered Fish and Chips – ‘w’ mushy peas, malt vinegar, tartare sauce

Jabberwock – Cambridge Seasonal Gin, Dry Sherry, Caferitif, Orange Oils

Betty Hardeman’s Not-So-Classic English Trifle

Truffle – Cambridge Truffle Gin, Vermouth, Marasca, Bitters

If you get a chance, you MUST DO THIS, FOLKS.



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Tippling Club by Chef Ryan Clift

Tippling Club is a renowned restaurant and cocktail bar located at 38 Tanjong Pagar Road in Singapore. It is led by Chef-Owner Ryan Clift and is housed in three shophouse units. The establishment features a bar, a dining room, and an upstairs area. Tippling Club offers a unique dining experience with fixed menus for both lunch and dinner, showcasing innovative and creative culinary creations. Reservations can be made online through their website.

The restaurant has received positive reviews, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor based on 548 reviews. 

Tippling Club is known for its contemporary and artful approach to fine dining. The tasting menus offered showcase the chef’s creativity and use of quality ingredients. In addition to the exceptional food, the bar at Tippling Club is also renowned for its innovative cocktails. The establishment has gained a reputation as one of Asia’s most innovative restaurant and cocktail bars.

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