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Popiah and our Auntie Rojak


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Popiah and our Auntie Rojak
And here is my Amy standing outside the stall. A tiny little thing offering predominantly only two dishes – Popiah and Rojak. She has many awards adorning the front of her stall, and rightly so in my reckoning as this is the nuts of a popiah. 2 of these beautiful things for like $3. You may have seen that I made these myself a long time ago having experienced them for the first time at Marine Parade Food-Court. It took an absolute age to prepare and finally serve, and that was even with me cheating and buying the crepes pre-made. Seriously get yourself down to LTN Hawker, East Coast Road, Siglap and let Auntie Rojak make them for you. Less hassle, cheap beer to accompany, friends around, atmosphere, people watching – couldn’t be better!!!
Popiah and our Auntie Rojak
Again I think this place is being run by generations of the family. Mum (Aunti Rojak) is normally sat there preparing the popiah from her stool. Her, I assume daughter, here in the photo taking the orders and exchanging the money, and I assume again that she is being watched over by her son in the back there. This place is crazy. You have queues galore here – funny though that at the time of taking the photo not a one in the queue apart from the Princess. So yes sometimes you may want your poppa fix and have to wait 15-20 minutes for the queue because every single one of these delicious thing is made by hand from scratch. A smear of this, a sprinkle of that, a portion of this, a smidge of that… and that green cauldron of a pot in front continually bubbling away with the shredded turnip/carrot/soy mixture – this takes hours and hours to boil down to the slushy tasty filling – a core part of any popiah.
Oh yeah baby. Seriously good. They BURST with flavour. You get soft of the boiled turnips, crunchy from the roasted/fried peanuts, spicy from the chili paste, and…. oh my goodness a huge bit of dribble just landed on my shorts. You have to come and see The Aunty – LTN Foodcourt it is in Siglap. You are going to so enjoy these, and I guarantee you’ll be back for more and more and more. Come enjoy!

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