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Guide to the Best Ban Mian in Singapore 2023


Best Ban Mian Singapore 1 Guide to the Best Ban Mian in Singapore 2023

Ban Mian, a culinary delight savoured by many Singaporeans, has undeniably won a special place in their hearts. Known for its rich flavours and comforting broth, the dish has become a staple in Singaporean cuisine. But where can you find the best Ban Mian in Singapore? Let’s dive in and discover!

What is Ban Mian?

Ban Mian is a popular noodle dish that originates from Chinese cuisine. The name “Ban Mian” literally translates to “flat noodles,” signifying the dish’s central component. It’s typically served with a rich, pork-based broth, scraggy meatballs, a runny egg, and topped with fried ikan bilis (anchovies).

How Ban Mian is made

The true allure of Ban Mian lies in its handmade noodles. The noodle dough is rolled out and then sliced into broad, flat pieces. These are then boiled and served in a hearty soup that has been slow-cooked for hours, extracting maximum flavour.

Ban Mian in Singapore: A Local’s Guide

Ban Mian is ubiquitous in Singapore, but some places have managed to rise above the rest due to their extraordinary rendition of this classic dish.

These stalls are all known for their delicious ban mian, which is made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. The noodles are perfectly cooked and the broth is flavorful and satisfying. Whether you prefer your ban mian soupy or dry, you’re sure to find a stall on this list that you’ll love.

Here is a list of the top 10 places to eat ban mian in Singapore and some additional details about each stall:

L32 Geylang Hand Made Noodles (Geylang Serai)

L32 Geylang Hand Made Noodles is a popular stall in Geylang Serai that is known for its hand-pulled noodles. The noodles are made to order and cooked in a flavourful broth made with pork bones and ikan bilis. The stall also offers a variety of toppings, including minced meat, mushrooms, and eggs.

Address: 558 Geylang Road, Lor 32 Geylang, 389509

Telephone: 9770 2829

Madam Leong Ban Mian (Chinatown Complex)

Madam Leong Ban Mian is a stall in Chinatown Complex that is run by a single mother. The stall is known for its Hakka-style ban mian, which is made with no MSG. The noodles are tossed in a sweet-savoury sauce and topped with mushrooms, minced pork, and a runny egg.

Address: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-109, Singapore 069111

KL Traditional Chilli Ban Mian (MacPherson Road)

KL Traditional Chilli Ban Mian is a stall in MacPherson Road that serves Malaysian-style chilli ban mian. The ban mian is tossed in a fiery chilli sauce and topped with a variety of ingredients, including fish, pork balls, and ikan billis.

Address: 476 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368191

Telephone: 9052 0555

Hai Lan Ban Mian (Maxwell Food Centre)

The stall offers a variety of ban mian options, including dry and soupy versions. The dry version is tossed in a sweet-savoury sauce, while the soupy version is served in a flavorful broth. The stall also offers a variety of toppings, including minced meat, mushrooms, and eggs.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-76, Singapore 069184

Qiu Rong Ban Mian (Old Airport Road Food Centre)

Qiu Rong Ban Mian is a popular stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre that is known for its delicious ban mian. The stall is run by a husband and wife team, and they have been serving up ban mian since 1993.

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-30, Singapore 390051

Top 1 Home Made Noodles (Beauty World Centre)

Top 1 Home Made Noodle is no stranger to the list of the best Ban Mian in Singapore. They are widely renowned for their homemade noodle goodness, which many have praised over the years. Top 1 Home Made Noodle is a standout not only for the standard of their Ban Mian but also for the wide variety offered in their menu.

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-44, Singapore 588177

Telephone: 8338 4483

China Whampoa Homemade Noodles (Whampoa Market)

China Whampoa Home Made Noodles stands out for its dedication to quality. Each bowl of Ban Mian is prepared with care, ensuring that patrons enjoy a taste of authentic, home-cooked noodles every time they visit. Whether you’re a Ban Mian connoisseur or trying the dish for the first time, China Whampoa Home Made Noodles at Whampoa Market is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss.

Address: 91 Whampoa Dr, #01-24, Singapore 320091

Telephone: 9625 6692

Xuan Miao Vegetarian (Tiong Bahru Market)

Xuan Miao Vegan, located at Tiong Bahru Market, is a haven for vegetarians and health-conscious foodies alike. This stall is particularly known for their Vegan Ban Mian and Tom Yum Bee Hoon Soup, each priced at $6.50. These dishes have been praised for their generous portions of vegetables and the large serving of soup that accompanies each mea

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road #04-11, Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057

Telephone: 9238 5088

Poon Nah City Banmian (City Plaza)

Situated in City Plaza, Poon Nah City Handmade Noodle has been serving up fresh and delicious handmade noodles for over 20 years. This well-known Ban Mian stall is located at 810 Geylang Road, operating from 11 am to 8 pm daily, closing on alternate Saturdays

Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #05-02 City Plaza, Singapore 409286

Telephone: 6741 4221

Seletar Sheng Mian & Mian Fen Guo (Seletar Mall)

Seletar Sheng Mian & Mian Fen Guo is a standout food stall located at Kebun Baru Food Centre, Block 226H, Ang Mo Kio Street 22, in Singapore. It’s easy to spot by the long queues of eager customers. The stall is renowned for its Sheng Mian, which translates to raw noodles that are blanched in stock and then cooked in a savoury sauce.

Address: 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22, #01-07, Singapore 568226

Why is Ban Mian a Comfort Food?

Cultural Significance

Ban Mian has deep cultural significance in Singapore, with its unique blend of flavours reflecting the island’s rich heritage. The dish’s delicious simplicity is a testament to the beauty of Singaporean cuisine.

Health Benefits

Apart from its taste, Ban Mian is also known for its health benefits. It’s a balanced meal, providing a good source of protein from the meatballs and egg, carbohydrates from the noodles, and vitamins and minerals from the broth.

How to Enjoy Ban Mian

Food Pairing Ideas

While Ban Mian is a complete meal in itself, it can be paired with side dishes for a more diverse dining experience. Dumplings, spring rolls, or a refreshing cucumber salad can complement the rich flavours of Ban Mian.

Ideal Time to Eat Ban Mian

There’s no “wrong” time to enjoy Ban Mian! Whether it’s for breakfast to start the day, a quick lunch, or a comforting dinner, Ban Mian is always a great choice.


There’s more to Ban Mian than just being a dish. It’s a gastronomic experience that reflects Singapore’s rich food culture. Next time you’re in Singapore, make sure to try the best Ban Mian from the spots mentioned above, and immerse yourself in the unique culinary delight that is Ban Mian.

Ban Mian FAQs

Q: What does Ban Mian taste like?A: Ban Mian is a medley of flavours. The broth is rich and hearty, the handmade noodles have a unique texture, and the toppings add a crunch that complements the overall dish. It’s savoury, a bit salty, and absolutely delightful.
Q: What’s the best time to eat Ban Mian?A: You can enjoy Ban Mian at any time of the day. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Ban Mian is a satisfying meal.
Q: What can I pair with Ban Mian?A: Ban Mian can be paired with dumplings, spring rolls, or a refreshing cucumber salad. However, it’s a complete meal in itself.
Q: Why is Ban Mian considered a comfort food?A: Ban Mian is a comfort food due to its warming and hearty nature. It’s a dish that soothes the soul and satisfies the stomach, all while providing a taste of Singapore’s rich culinary heritage.
Q: Where can I find the best Ban Mian in Singapore?A: Some of the best Ban Mian in Singapore can be found at Top 1 Home Made Noodles at Beauty World and Hai Lan Ban Mian at Maxwell Food Centre, among other local favourites.

I hope this list helps you find the perfect place to enjoy a delicious bowl of Ban Mian!

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