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ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP ‘w’ 3x WAGYU


ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP ‘w’ 3x WAGYU

A lovely invite from my mate Lukester to watch the London Derby FA CUP 2020. Chelsea v Arsenal. Sadly a game it looked like we hadn’t even turned up for in the 1st place walking in tracksuits only, not really building the event up for what it was. It’s the FA CUP ffs guys. The best team won, Ref diabolical, injuries everywhere, shitty football, no atmosphere with no fans. But as a thank you for hosting us I did ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP ‘w’ 3x WAGYU.

I had liaised with Luke and we agreed on a meat-only snack attack for the game 1/2 time break. I’d trimmed off some beautiful skirt steak, I had an amazing lump of Japanese A5 Wagyu and 2 wonderful AU MB6/7 Sirloins from our mate Mr Big Kodo. Simply sea salt & cracked black pepper and cover in foil. That was that. Just make sure you get them to room temperature before cooking begins. I did make a rather cheeky hot steak sauce from scratch too though, which was so hot it would burn your cat a new arse if you fed it any…

ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP ‘w’ 3x WAGYU

ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP 'w' 3x WAGYU
Prepping the veggies for the hot sauce. Charring vegetables is a very French style. Have you heard of Pot-au-Feu? Pot-of-Fire in English basically means made with charred vegetables. There is also an ongoing argument that the French influence made the Vietnamese noodle & broth dish of Pho, because yep you char the vegetables first. Anyways, the reason is for flavour. So here I am charring up tomatoes, some Habanero chillis and some Spring Onion until blackened. This is deffo going on the ChillaxBBQ menu…

ChillaxBBQ Hot Steak Sauce

  1. Get a grill over your gas hob and char off;
    • 20-30 cherry tomatoes
    • 2-3 Habanero chillis
    • 6 or so Spring onions
  2. When blackened rough chop them and pop them in a blender;
  3. Throw into the blender;
    • 1x Tbsp fish sauce
    • 1/2 cup lime juice
    • 1 Tbsp chopped garlic
    • 1x bunch Coriander rough -chopped
    • A good sprinkle of sea salt & cracked black pepper
  4. Blitz all that up until smooth-ish;
  5. Transfer to a squeezy bottle for self-serving or artistic plating (which at 0130am after many beers I clearly could not do – as per photo).

ChillaxBBQ Hot Steak Sauce is evil on its own, but a perfect bedfellow for steak – they just go so well together.

Make sure you have some bog-roll in the fridge for the next morning my friends.

FA Cup and 3x Wagyu
I cooked all three at once. It’s a little tricky to do this as all three cook differently and at different speeds to each other due to the thickness and fat content. Go for it if you are confident of course. But you do want to try to make sure you are not over-cooking one by focusing on cooking another – you need that medium-rare doneness across them, all right?
ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP 'w' 3x WAGYU
The football really was shit. I’d even paid to have my nails done for Chelsea, dear me!!! Has anyone got some nail-varnish remover today?
ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP 'w' 3x WAGYU
And there they are all – cooked at 01:00 am (phew) and pretty much to perfect medium-rare throughout. Nothing needed on these amazing steaks pre-cooking apart from some sea salt & quality cracked black pepper. A little more sea salt post carving. And then some arse burner ChillaxBBQ Hot Steak Sauce if you feel that way inclined – and the boys sure did. The platter was clean in minutes…

And that was that. Chelsea lost 2-1. But at least we ate well.

ChillaxBBQ does the FA CUP ‘w’ 3x WAGYU


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