Sides & Starters

Sides & Starters – our smaller dishes that could be a side dish, a starter, a brekkie, even a one-person dining experience.

Glass Potato Crisps

Glass Potato Crisps My little Sous Chef, Jude Jude, and I have been holding an idea for a week and today was the day to make that idea a reality. We had seen this concept of making see-through potato crisps and decided we would make our own version. It was...

Brian Kennett

December 21, 2020

Left-Over Pizza Eggs Brekkie

Left-Over Pizza Eggs Brekkie A little creativity again today for Jude Jude’s brekkie. 100% #BillWallaceFriendly and 100% #NotKnibbsyKiddleWagyuFriendly. We had some leftover pepperoni pizza from lunch yesterday and I thought I’d use that and make some yummy leftovers brekkie. And this is where this came from and it was super...

Brian Kennett

October 31, 2020

Cheese Stuffed Brekkie Meatball Shots

Cheese Stuffed Brekkie Meatball Shots Triple whammy for today’s brekkie recipe. #BillWallaceFriendly #KnibbsyKiddleWagyuFriendly #JudeJudeFriendly This was a cracker. The wee man loved his breakfast today. Also just to state, look what happens if you make a little effort and make it interesting for your kids… Well, funnily enough, they eat...

Brian Kennett

October 25, 2020

Steak ‘n’ Eggs 4 Brekkie

Steak ‘n’ Eggs 4 Brekkie It’s that time again. It’s Sunday morning and the beasts are awakening and they’re hungry. Time to get my cooking face on and get a rummaging in the fridge. Yes, today’s brekkie is going to be #BillWallaceFriendly and #KnibbsyWagyuFriendly. It is Steak ‘n’ Eggs 4...

Brian Kennett

September 27, 2020

Scrambled Egg & Ham Brekkie Bagel

Scrambled Egg & Ham Brekkie Bagel Yeap it’s that time again. It’s Sunday. It’s the morning. The beasts are starting to leave their bedrooms. They look hungry. Should I be scared? Nah, fully stocked fridge and we’re rocking with a cracking brekkie dish for today. Simple, and simply delicious. Amaze-balls....

Brian Kennett

August 30, 2020

Brekkie in a Cup

Brekkie in a Cup Like in Scooby-Doo, those pesky kids were about this morning. They were hungry and they wanted Daddy to cook. 100% #BillWallaceFriendly as this was ‘leftover’ cobbling together and using a different serving technique to make it all restaurant-like. Something a little quirky in fact. And that...

Brian Kennett

August 16, 2020