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ChillaxBBQ: Brilliant Chef Table 2020


Chef Table for 4 on Oct’20: literally table-side cooking at your house from the ChillaxBBQ crew

Due to Covid-19 numbers allowed to visit are massively down so we had to ‘morph’ the BBQ option to a little more ‘fine-dining’ for a smaller number of covers, and that is how we started to do Chef Tables around people’s houses and condos. Here is one such example. Still following our FoodSpotify ‘brief’ where the client chooses their playlist of food and I craft a menu from that and rock up at their house and take over their kitchen for the night.

Today I served up;

Appetizer #1: Shallow-fried Australian School Prawns, with Smoked Paprika and Fresh Lemon

Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20

Appetizer #2: Australian Lump Crab with Scrambled Eggs, Citrus Burnt Butter, Fish Roe, Lemon Pepper Mayo and Beetroot Crunch

Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20

Starter: Tuna Tataki with Charred Octopus and Red Salsa

Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20

Main: 2x Lamb Rack: Honey & Rosemary and Moroccan

ChillaxBBQ Chef Table 3/10/20 - Spencer
Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20

Served with Honey-Roast Carrots, 2-Colour Roast Spuds with Chorizo and Thyme, and Sprouts with Bacon and chilli.

Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20
Chef Table for 4 on Oct'20
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