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Shallow-fried School Prawns ‘w’ Lemon & HoiSin

Shallow-fried School Prawns ‘w’ Lemon & HoiSin

My BFF Shaun @ ORCA gave me something new to play with from my meat box recently. I have never heard of these School Prawns before. He sent me a picture of a dish from a restaurant client of his that has been cooking these. It gave me some ideas and I created this new dish today, Shallow-fried School Prawns ‘w’ Lemon & HoiSin. I am very happy with the outcomes of this recipe, and with this superb produce. These were amazing little prawns that you consume whole, almost like little soft-shell crabs, just the prawn version.

WhatsApp Shaun @ ORCA on 8137 4320 and get some. These are brilliant.

Yes, this is #BillWallaceFriendly as all the ingredients were from the fridge and cupboards.

No, this is not #DavidKnibbsFriendly as there is no wagyu.

Daddy-pedia; School Prawns are endemic to the waters and estuaries off the East coast of Australia. They spawn between Feb & May in the seas off New South Wales, and they live for 12-18 months. Less when my lot got their hands on them. They have a distinct taste that is much sweeter than other prawns, and as I said they are small and can be consumed whole.

Shallow-fried School Prawns 'w' Lemon & HoiSin
A squeeze of fresh lemon, and a little ‘dusting’ of Paprika over the top for colour & punch. A wee bowl of some HoiSin for a little dip too. I think this looks spanking!!!

Shallow-fried School Prawns ‘w’ Lemon & HoiSin

Shallow-fried School Prawns 'w' Lemon & HoiSin
And a little close up for you of these little beauties. Shallowed-fried to crispy heaven, almost like little candies. Seasoned perfectly and a little bite from the paprika and sour hit from the lemon. Stunners!!!

Enough for easily three people here;

  • 400g ORCA School Prawns;
  • A cup of cornstarch;
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  • 2 Tbsp smoked Paprika;
  • Jar of Paprika;
  • 1 fresh lemon;
  • 1 jar HoiSin sauce;
  • Vegetable oil for shallow frying.

Here we go;

  1. Rinse the prawns under fresh running water, drain and pat dry;
  2. In a bowl pop the cornstarch and add a good pinch or two of sea salt, cracked black pepper and the smoked Paprika – stir it all around until mixed;
  3. Throw in the prawns and mix them around so all get a nice coating – shake off any excess and pop them on a plate;
  4. Take a small saucepan and 1/2 fill with vegetable oil and get that on the gas and piping hot;
  5. In with half the prawns and give a little stir with a draining spoon to make sure they don’t stick together;
  6. Let them fry away until they are starting to turn golden brown and crisp up;
  7. Take out the prawns with a draining spoon and pop them on some kitchen roll to lose any excess oil;
  8. Pop in the remaining prawns and repeat the steps above;
  9. Plate your crispy brown prawns on a platter, squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them and dust all over with Paprika;
  10. Serve up with some fresh lemon slices and the HoiSin sauce.

There you go, folks. This is an absolute cracker. This is beer food meets fine dining. This is just wonderful and actually quite simple to make. I am ordering these little buggers in bulk from ORCA now. These are absolutely going on the ChillaxBBQ menu, they really are just too good not to. Delicious, sweet, crispy, slightly tart and a little spicy – all-in-one flavour and texture bombs these little babies are. This is my Shallow-fried School Prawns ‘w’ Lemon & HoiSin – ENJOY!!!

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