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Puff Pastry Savoury’s ‘w’ Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus


Puff Pastry Savoury’s ‘w’ Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus

Lunch today for Jude Jude and a massive winner according to my Sous Chef who devoured two and a half of these on his lonesome. BOOM!!! Always a good sign for a cook to see his biggest critic wolfing down his creations. And today’s lunch was a great example of that. Happy Daddy. I took a much-needed break from work and sitting in that very same seat since forever, a quick hop to Cold Storage and back to prep and bake these savoury beauties for the little man, for when he arrived home from school at 1400 and needed a snack-attack.

This little recipe idea popped in my head the other day when I was reading up on some new recipe concepts for ChillaxBBQ. For ChillaxBBQ I’d be making them about half the size, but with the very same ingredients. Little savoury finger foods for platter serving. Your ‘welcome-bite’ if you like. And these were awesome!!!

Puff Pastry Savoury’s ‘w’ Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus

Puff Pastry Savoury's 'w' Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus
These are the cheese, bacon and asparagus savour puffs nearly ready for the oven, just missing an egg-wash.
Puff Pastry Savoury's 'w' Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus
And the same for Jude Jude, but minus asparagus, AKA green stuff. His versions were just cheese and bacon, so I added a little more bacon for his.
Puff Pastry Savoury's 'w' Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus
Have a look at those beauties. Bloody brilliant in my reckoning. Beautifully golden brown, puffy pastry, chewy in the middle, hickory-smoked bacon with melted cheese. Holy shit. Belters!!!

I’ll share here how to make 4 of these little beauties – the ones with asparagus;

  1. 1 sheet of puff pastry – cut to quarters and lay on some baking paper in a baking tray;
  2. Leave some space between the pieces for the pastry to puff up;
  3. Sprinkle some mixed grated cheese into the middle one corner to the opposite corner;
  4. Trim some baby asparagus and lay about 6 or so on top of the cheese;
  5. Then lay some streaky bacon on top of the asparagus – I used hickory-smoked;
  6. Crack an egg and whisk it up for use as your egg wash;
  7. Pull one corner over the filling and egg wash the corner;
  8. Then fold over the opposite corner and ‘glue’ it together like the top 2 photos;
  9. Egg wash all over the exposed pastry and in the oven;
  10. I did 15 minutes at 100 degrees to cook the bacon through; and
  11. Then up to 190 degrees and remove when all puffed up and golden brown like the bottom picture.

And that was that. A new concept. A new finger food. A new ChillaxBBQ welcome snack, that I am planning to half in size. These were awesome. Crispy, chewy, savoury, salty, cheesy and and… Goodness me. Some of the nicest savoury pastries ever, and all done in our little oven at home. Puff Pastry Savoury’s ‘w’ Bacon, Cheese & Asparagus are belters and so very easy to prep and make as you can see from the 1-11. Jude Jude was dabbing and high-5’ing so I have to assume that they have a massive tick in the box from him. These will be repeated again and again I am certain – ENJOY!!!

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