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Octopus, Tuna Tataki, and Red Salsa: Stunning Recipe for 2023


Octopus, Tuna Tataki, and Red Salsa was homemade recipe to wow the family one day, and it worked…

Tuna Tataki: is a much-loved dish of my Wifey, and so lucky Wifey gets a rather delicious but spontaneous dinner tonight including Tuna Tataki as one element of her meal. This is one of the benefits of my home-working that kick in yet again, as I am available to cook. This was all from the freezer and fridge, and a 2-in-one dish all cooked in the same pan.

Octopus, Tuna Tataki & Red Salsa
A very pretty and colourful platter. You eat with your eyes, then the nose and then your mouth… The eyes have it!!!

Pre-cooked Sushi-grade octopus grilled in some melted butter and drizzled with lime juice and a good crack of sea salt & cracked black Kampot pepper.

Sushi-grade tuna seared to 1cm on each side only in some butter with sea salt and cracked black pepper, in a very hot pan.

Mayo with lime juice and cracked black Kampot pepper.

Red Salsa Recipe:

  • Toasted pine nuts,
  • Chopped cherry tomatoes,
  • Ripped coriander,
  • 1 whole squeeze of lime juice,
  • Charred and skinned sweet peppers,
  • olive oil and sea salt & cracked black pepper.

There you have it, textures, colours, and flavours all over the platter. I like it a lot. Not bad for an impromptu, shit what’s in the fridge moment, as I remembered I had promised to cook dinner for Wifey tonight. That’s where Octopus, Tuna Tataki & Red Salsa came from – ENJOY!!!

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What is Tuna Tataki?

Tuna Tataki is a Japanese dish that features yellowfin or ahi tuna (basically try and procure the best you can), which is lightly seared and served rare with a citrus-based soy sauce or salsa. The name “tataki” refers to the cooking method of briefly searing the outer layer of the tuna while leaving the center raw. This preparation helps to preserve the delicate flavor and texture of the fish. The dish is often garnished with various toppings and served with a dipping sauce, like ponzu, which enhances the overall taste.

To make Tuna Tataki, the tuna is typically coated with sesame seeds or various spices before being seared on a hot pan or grill for just a short amount of time. The result is a beautifully seared outer layer and a tender, raw interior. It is important to use fresh, high-quality tuna to ensure the best flavours and textures in the dish.

The dish has gained popularity outside of Japan and can be found in various Japanese restaurants and sushi bars worldwide – or round my house. Many home cooks also enjoy making Tuna Tataki as it is relatively simple to prepare and showcases the natural taste of the tuna.

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