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Coquilles St Jacques Recipe | Scallops | Recipe


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Coquilles St Jacques Recipe | Scallops | Recipe

Coquilles St Jacques Recipe | Scallops | Recipe
Coquilles St Jacques Recipe | Scallops | Recipe

Have a look at that beauty… Monster scallops came in today from a mate of mine who is a restaurant supplier. Something I could not refuse to buy. These are likes 250g EACH scallop. Yes, MONSTERS!!! Speaking with BFF, Ruthers, he kept mentioning this Coquilles St Jacques – AKA scallops cooked in the shells, and hey presto here is my version of that recipe.

Coquilles St Jacques Recipe | Scallops | Recipe

As I understand it the translation literally means scallops cooked in their shells…

To be honest, this is bloody easy, and having amazing produce from BFFs Andre, Joseba & Shaun also clearly helps…

This recipe today is a mix of;

Scallops from Andre @ Isshin

Blackmore Wagyu from Shaun @ Butcher Box

Smoked Butter from Joseba @ Asador

I hope I did you all proud.

Here we go – a per scallop recipe – just follow the 1, 2, 3…

  1. Clean all the poo sacs and guts bits from the scallop – you can serve with or without the orange roe sack – your choice;
  2. Scrub the shells clean and pop the cleaned scallop meat back on the shell
  3. Give the scallop a goos season with cracked black pepper & sea salt
  4. A little drizzle of Olive oil over the top
  5. Thinly slice some Blackmore Wagyu and lay two pieces criss-cross on top of the scallop
  6. Slice some prosciutto and lay it around the scallop;
  7. Dust with some breadcrumbs;
  8. Lay a sprig of fresh rosemary on top;
  9. Pop a small knob of Asador smoked butter on top;
  10. In the oven 180-200 from 10-15 minutes until cooked all the way through and breadcrumbs are toasted;
  11. Take the burnt rosemary off & plate with a fresh sprig – serve her up – check the photo.


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