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Nirwana Resort Bintan: best lunch for 2023

Lunching @ Nirwana Resort on Bintan

Nirwana Resort Bintan – Lunch at Dino Bistro Click here to make your Nirwana Resort Reservation Dino Bistro is a restaurant located at Nirwana Gardens in Bintan, Indonesia. Situated in a water sports center and on Bintan’s beach, the restaurant offers a rustic charm and a casual, laid-back beach vibe. It provides a range of spaces […]

Pie n Mash Recipe: best recipe for 2023

Pie n Mash recipe

Pie n Mash Recipe: a cracking recipe for Mr C of The Shamen So from my previous blog “Pie n Mash with Mr C of The Shamen” – here comes the recipe for the actual dish. This came out very well I think bearing in mind the conditions, literally baking pies at a BBQ pit […]

Moroccan Style BBQ Pork Recipe: a beauty for 2023

Moroccan BBQ pork

Moroccan Style BBQ Pork Recipe: this one is special, you’re going to love it… Moroccan Style BBQ Pork: Ooooh yummy. I like this one. Another recent creation and another one using that well-loved method of the good old zip-lock bag. Throw it in and let the ingredients marinade. When you are ready to cook out […]

Clam, Bacon, and Potato Stew Recipe: best for 2023

Clam, chicken, bacon and potato stew

Clam, Chicken, Bacon, and Potato Stew is a beautiful recipe for you. So simple, and yet so delicious This is a recipe I knocked up for the girls today. Clearly, this is not on my favourite list of things to eat though. Clams are YUCKS for me!!! But I have to say they seemed to […]

Onsen Egg, Bacon, Tomatoes, Japanese Cucumber, and Bacon Fried Bread Recipe

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #3

Onsen Egg with Bacon, Tomatoes, Japanese Cucumber, Mayo, and Bacon Fried Bread & Japanese Mayo, Crispy Bacon, and Hard-Boiled Egg with Bacon Fried Bread Are you like me? Are you mandatory Stay@Home? Do you have kids too? Well, I am determined to try and keep this going with a recipe a day for you to […]

Thai Mussels Recipe: best recipe for 2023?

ChillaxBBQ Thai Styled Seared Mussels

Thai Mussels Recipe Thai Mussels Recipe, is another from ChillaxBBQ. This time it is our ChillaxBBQ Thai Styled Seared Mussels. These had their first airing at AJ’s 1st month party at Club Meatballs. It was something a little different, to mix up the meat dishes. As usual, we have kept this so simple for you. […]

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles Jewel: best noodles for 2023?

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles @ Jewel

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles: best noodles by far at Jewel and on Red Dot Jewel Changi Airport Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles @ Jewel: I tell you what, Jewel is becoming a bit of food and shopping Mecca for us. It’s much closer than the other large shopping areas, it’s cooler, it’s newer, it has massive […]

Jin Hua Xiao Chi (京华小吃): best Beijing snacks in Singapore 2023?

jin hua xiao chi outside

Dumplings and Delights Await: Unveiling the Charm of Jin Hua Xiao Chi Jin Hua Xiao Chi: Tired of the same old culinary routines? Craving a taste of authentic Chinese comfort food? Enter Jin Hua Xiao Chi, where flavours dance and dumplings take centre stage! Imagine crescent-shaped pan-fried delights stuffed with the perfect blend of minced meat […]

Esquina Restaurant Review: Best Spanish Restaurants in Singapore 2023

esquina restaurant counter top interior

Esquina Restaurant: Savouring Spanish Delights, and Exploring the Culinary Wonders of one the ICEX accredited Restaurants of Spain in Singapore Table of Contents Esquina Restaurant: Hungry for a Spanish / Catalan foodie adventure? Imagine strolling into a tapas paradise where Barcelona vibes meet contemporary modern flair. Welcome to Esquina, folks, where Spanish flavours dance on […]