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Soy Eu Tua – Chicken Rice Siglap

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Siglap Chicken Rice


Siglap beers one Saturday (as usual) and I am advised that I must try the chicken rice at the hawker on the corner just down the road from the hawker we were already in drinking beers and eating.

Soy Eu Tua, chicken rice, Siglap

Now this joint I have walked past but never entered – in fact last time was quiz night at Picotin, flipping expensive that place is with real ‘average’ food. So yep lets go local and not venture as far down as that this time. So come to the corner of East Coast Road and Jalan Tua Kong.

Come to this stall in this very small hawker.

Soy Eu Tua, chicken rice, Siglap the inside

But what should I come. Well friends for this.

Some of the most succulent steamed chicken rice ever. The rice, oh my gosh the rice – super savoury and chicken. Sauce incredible. Just delicious. Plus bless them they have deboned it, as I really hate all the bits of bone when you eat this dish some time.

I have to say it was spanking. Mr Wilcock good shout mate, it was indeed one of the best yet.

No awards though. Usually they will plaster the stall if they have received. I don’t know why actually, because I think this is truly a thing of beauty. Might frame it and hang it on my wall!!!

Soy Eu Tua, chicken rice, Siglap the finished goods

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