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Back in 2017 smol with a passionate team embarked on a journey with a vision to make people happier and healthier through food. Starting in a tiny 100-square-foot kitchen, they laid the foundation for what would become a culinary sensation.

Their motto guided their every step, and with dedication and creativity, they captured the hearts and appetites of many, one bowl at a time. Fast forward to today, this revolutionary brand has found a new home at PLQ Mall, marking its first brick-and-mortar presence.

Opening Hours

Monday 11am–9:30pm Tuesday 11am–9:30pm Wednesday 11am–9:30pm Thursday 11am–9:30pm Friday 11am–9:30pm Saturday 11am–9:30pm Sunday Closed


smol #01-K3, PLQ Plaza, Level 1

smol main menu items

Dish NameDescription
KENAThe KENA dish holds the promise of a culinary adventure, beckoning diners to explore its unique flavors and ingredients.
SALMON 2.0Salmon lovers will find delight in the Salmon 2.0, a dish that likely elevates the salmon experience to new heights.
FUN WITH BLACKFor those seeking a visually striking and palate-pleasing experience, the Fun with Black dish holds the intrigue of a distinct culinary journey.
TITO BURRITOTITO BURRITO brings a fusion of flavors and textures that make every bite an enjoyable experience.
UNDER THE SEAWith the Under the Sea dish, seafood enthusiasts can savor the taste of the ocean, perhaps with a unique twist.
PESTO MANIFESTOPesto lovers rejoice! The Pesto Manifesto promises a vibrant burst of basil and other delectable ingredients.
GAINS CITYGAINS CITY offers a hearty and fulfilling meal, ensuring diners leave satisfied and nourished.
UMAMI TOFUTofu takes center stage in the Umami Tofu dish, delivering a delightful umami-rich experience.
BLACK RICEBlack Rice adds a unique and nutritious touch to any meal, making it a popular choice for health-conscious diners.

smol PLQ Mall Address

Address: PLQ Mall #01-K3 (Outdoor Plaza), 10 Paya Lebar Rd, 409057
Telephone: +65 9730 0472
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