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By 2011, there were 30 A-One food stalls across major food courts in Singapore. The group opened its first full-service claypot porridge restaurant in 2012 and its growth has seen a total of 11 restaurants established in major shopping centres in Singapore by end-2015. 

THE UPCOMING YEARS Looking forward, the group will embark on a concept expansion programme that will  deliver a total of 20 restaurants throughout Singapore, firmly establishing itself as a leader of claypot porridge in the island republic.

A-One Signature @Bistro Bytes

A-One F&B Group Pte Ltd was founded by Mr Richard Ter in 2008 and continues to flourish under his love for wholesome Chinese comfort food.

The F&B group is known for concepts that are borne out of the use of traditional Chinese culinary methods, presenting dishes prepared with the use of claypots that are able to extract the richness of every ingredient chosen to complement its signature porridge base.  GROWTH THROUGH THE YEARS Through the years, accolades and popular reception for its award-winning claypot porridge has led the company to multiply its business rapidly.


A-One Signature @Bistro Bytes is a dining establishment located in i12 Katong Mall, Singapore. It is part of the A-One F&B Group, which specializes in traditional claypot recipes and home-cooked Chinese cuisine. Bistro Bytes offers a locker-style takeaway concept, where customers can order from a variety of cuisines and enjoy food from different brands in one place.

The menu at A-One Signature @Bistro Bytes includes a range of dishes, including claypot specialties, porridges, noodles, rice, and more. Customers can choose from meat-based or vegetarian options, catering to different dietary preferences. The restaurant is known for its flavorful and comforting Chinese dishes.

A-One Signature @Bistro Bytes Address

Address: 112 E Coast Rd, #02-12/14 i12 Katong, Singapore 428802
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