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Etna Italian Restaurant Excellent Review (2023)


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Etna Italian Restaurant Siglap

Etna Italian Restaurant, can you tell we cannot keep away from this place? Etna @ Siglap, is seriously up there with the very best. It is such good food. Always an absolutely cracking specials board that we cannot wait to dive into. If you have not been before it surely is a must!

etna italian restaurant

Up first was the Etna Antipasto platter. Delicious meats and cheeses with pickled vegetables. Now there’s a good starter for 10.

etna italian

This is a must-have if you come to Etna. This is super truffle cream flatbread. It is orgasmic and is absolutely death-row cuisine if you ask me. Schiacciata al Tartufo e Mascarpone, is a Pizza crust filled with truffle paste and Mascarpone cheese. OMG!

Etna @ Siglap 4 Etna @ Siglap Etna Italian Restaurant Excellent Review (2023)

I went off the specials board at Etna Italian Restaurant with the Pork Chop Cotoletta Style with roasted vegetables and truffle mayonnaise. Boom Boom and Boom. An absolute cracker of a dish, so moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. A little squeeze lemon, and a wee dip in the mayo, heavenly!

etna east coast
pizza east coast
Etna @ Siglap 7 Etna @ Siglap Etna Italian Restaurant Excellent Review (2023)
italian restaurant near me
etna italian restaurant

I went for Affogato Al Caffe, or vanilla ice cream with a shot of Italian Espresso coffee – accompanied by a couple of Limoncellos.

You simply cannot go wrong at Etna @ Siglap. The food they serve up is second to none. It has death-row food all over it. We love it here and will come back again, and again. Great work guys as always. Seriously get yourself here Etna Italian Restaurant.



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