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ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt’s dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu


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ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt’s dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu

No pressure… NOT!!!

You’ll have seen a fair few recipes pouring from these pages due to Stay@Home cooking needs and trying to bring some outdoor variety in for you. Well, today is a different one. Today’s blog is about serious Wagyu cooking to the best of my abilities. This is ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt’s dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu. Dare I even do it? Will I make them happy with the outcomes? It’s a biggie. But how did this all start in the 1st place anyways?

As you know one of our ChillaxBBQ Partners is Orca (watch out for some BIG BRAND NEWS on that front in a couple of months) and our BFF Shaun. I was WhatsApp chatting with him the other day about placing an order for some more Tomas for our Stay@Home Roasts. He mentioned he might be able to get me some dry-aged steak from Chef Pynt @ Burnt Ends. I picked myself up off the floor and asked for more details. It would be a dry-aged David Blackmore Australian Wagyu Rib. Again, I picked myself up off the floor. I think I might just stay down there from now on. To his word a few days later I had a delivery to home from the hand’s of Shaun of two monster-Tomas and a sealed pack of this deep-red almost brown Rib-eye with hints of purple and green all over from the dry-ageing.

Chef-wannabe nerves are now kicking in…

CLICK HERE to have a read of the experience of the AMAZING Burnt Ends ‘w’ Wifey & Chef Pynt and his crew.

Let me just relay what this piece of meat is. For you foodies out there you’ll get this. You’ll get what I mean when I say my heart was racing when I unpacked this and had to think of how to prep and cook. This is not a cheap cut of meat believe me. This has had the hands of masters on it already from the Wagyu production in Australia, butchering in Singapore and then dry-ageing in Singapore. BUT, it is still a steak that needs to be prepped cooked and that’s where I come in. Holy shit.

This piece of #foodporn was described to me as;

“David Blackmore full blood mb9+ Wagyu 600 days grain-fed and dry-aged (Chef Pynt @ Burnt Ends) in smoked beef fat for 75 days+”

#ChefDavidPynt #BurntEnds #DavidBlackmoreWagyu #OrcaMarketing #BlackmoreWagyu

“A professional, innovative and sustainable approach. Blackmore Wagyu produces 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef. A passion and dedication to all areas of the production life-cycle has led to the creation of one of the most premium Wagyu products in the world.”

“Run by Chef/Owner Dave Pynt, Burnt Ends has established itself as one of Asia’s most exciting places to dine. At the heart of this modern barbecue restaurant is an open-concept kitchen with a custom four-tonne, dual cavity oven and four elevation grills. Burnt Ends writes new menus daily and believes that there is magic that comes from cooking with wood.”

All the above I cannot thank enough for the chance to get my hands on this amazing piece of meat. Don’t get me, wrong folks, I paid handsomely for it but just to be able to get it and get it dry-aged from masters in their class is an honour. That then adds to the pressure of the incredible quality brands looking you in the eye (metaphorically-speaking) – he’ll mess this up, this is a little out of his league, he’d better not mess my steak up etc… were all thoughts running through my head.


ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt's dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu
I think I nailed it? ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt’s dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu turned out kind of perfect in my reckoning. Pink2Pink medium-rare and perfectly seasoned throughout. Holy cow (literally) I can breathe again. This was smoky and INTENSE beef flavour almost a little gamey. Butter-like softness to the meat and perfect medium-rare to boot. As you will see from the video, all this needed was respect, TLC and sea salt & cracked black pepper from the home-cook perspective. I am so so proud of the outcome though – this is a plate and a half of some of the very best meat ever to hit this big mouth and I am honoured to be at the end of the supply chain from field to table…

CLICK HERE for some #videofoodporn of the end-to-end process of prepping, cooking and carving this bad boy!!!

ChillaxBBQ cook Chef Pynt’s dry-aged David Blackmore Wagyu was just an incredible cooking experience for me from start to finish. I cannot thank Shaun enough for enabling me to get my hands on this stunning piece of meat. I am quite proud of the prep and cooking and outcome. I’d order it if I saw someone next to me have this rock up on a platter haha. I hope the masters at Burnt Ends and Blackmore Wagyu feel the same. Sorry that this 0ne is a very SELF-INDULGENT blog, one for the memory-banks for me indeed. It’s a keeper. Now you all need to get on-line and order a takeaway from Chef Pynt & Burnt Ends haha. Did I make you feel hungry? If you do – ENJOY!!!

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