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Prawns in a pan

Prawns in a pan

Prawns in a pan
Having a few spare prawns left I knocked this up for my Mary for a snack.

I used my new little metal pan for this dish and then served it up straight from the hob in it. This is my Prawns in a pan. It really is just so very simple, and it got a big thumbs up from Mary. So that can’t be too bad hey? It’s a little spicy, with a nice garlic kick, but it truly is so simple, but delicious. You are gonna love it.

For a one-person Prawns in a pan starter, or snack you’ll need;

  • 6 fresh and peeled prawns – run a knife down the back to get rid of the poo tract. This will also then butterfly the prawns when they cook. They’ll look pretty then as they will curl up;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of smoky paprika;
  • 3 finely sliced garlic cloves;
  • 1 knob of butter;
  • A pinch of salt & pepper; and
  • Some good Olive oil.

In to the pan goes the oil and garlic. Let that sizzle for a while and throw in the prawns and paprika and let that cook down a while. Throw in the salt & pepper and butter. Stir them around to get all the prawns nicely coated. Cook the prawns until plump and pink – do not overcook though. Nothing worse than a tough prawn.

Serve straight from the heat in the pan, maybe with a little bit of crusty bread to soak the sauce.

Hey, wait a minute was that really it?

Yep, it truly is that simple folks.

That is it. So flipping simple. It looks gorgeous. It tastes amazing. You will be praised as a top-end cook. It is my Prawns in a pan – simply ENJOY!!!

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