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Wursthans Switzerland PLQ


Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Mall #01-39, Level 1

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Monday 11:30am–9pm Tuesday 11:30am–9pm Wednesday 11:30am–9pm Thursday 11:30am–9pm Friday 11:30am–9pm Saturday 11:30am–9pm Sunday 11:30am–9pm

Wursthans Switzerland PLQ

What to eat at Wursthans Switzerland PLQ

Classic Rösti
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Wursthans is a delightful all-day casual dining concept that brings the heart and soul of Switzerland to your plate. Nestled in the heart of the city, this charming eatery specializes in crafting classic Swiss specialties with an emphasis on one of Switzerland’s iconic dishes, the rösti.

As you step into Wursthans, you’ll immediately sense the love and passion that goes into their food. Every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients, and their in-house dressings and marinades are created to perfection.

Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Food
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The star of the show at Wursthans is undoubtedly their Signature Rösti Jumbo. These hand-grated potato creations are pan-fried to golden crispiness, and each one is named after a majestic mountain in the Swiss Alps. The variety of toppings available is nothing short of a culinary adventure. Whether you’re a fan of smoked pork cervelat, creamy sautéed mushrooms, or Swiss smoked bacon, there’s a rösti jumbo to suit your palate.

For those looking to create their own Swiss meal, Wursthans offers an enticing menu that allows you to mix and match from an array of mouthwatering options. Choose your main dish from a selection that includes Original Swiss Veal Bratwurst, Oven Roasted Chicken, Grilled Pork Chop, and more. Complement your main with two delectable sides, such as Signature Rösti, Creamy Sautéed Mushroom, or Norwegian Smoked Salmon. And don’t forget to select the perfect sauce to elevate your meal, whether it’s the rich Cream Sauce or the zesty Curry Aioli.

The ambiance at Wursthans is casual and relaxed, making it the ideal spot for a laid-back meal with friends or family. Here, you can savor the taste of Switzerland while enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Wursthans isn’t just a dining destination; it’s a culinary journey to the heart of Switzerland. With its commitment to tradition and a modern twist, this restaurant promises an enjoyable experience that will leave you craving more of their Swiss-focused delights. Whether you’re a rösti enthusiast or simply looking to explore Swiss cuisine, Wursthans is the place to be.

Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Address

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, #01-39 Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057

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