Yong Xing Teochew Porridge PLQ Mall


Yong Xing Teochew Porridge PLQ

Yong Xing Teochew Porridge


Yong Xing Teochew Porridge #B2-29, PLQ Mall, Basement 2

Opening Hours

Monday 10:30am–10pm Tuesday10:30am–10pm Wednesday 10:30am–10pm Thursday 10:30am–10pm Friday 10:30am–10pm Saturday 10:30am–10pm Sunday 10:30am–10pm

The Best Porridge Paya Lebar has to offer!

Yong Xing Teochew Porridge in Paya Lebar is known for serving the most delicious porridge around! They cook it to perfection, making it wonderfully soft and comforting. Their recipes are traditional and time-tested, ensuring that the porridge tastes absolutely scrumptious.

Yong Xing Teochew Porridge is a special spot that preserves Teochew food traditions. Families have been gathering here for generations to savor delightful meals together. If you’re looking for a heartwarming and delectable meal that fills your belly with joy, Yong Xing Teochew Porridge in Paya Lebar is the perfect choice. It’s truly the best place to satisfy your taste buds!

What is the difference between Cantonese porridge and Teochew porridge?Cantonese porridge is typically smoother and thinner, while Teochew porridge is thicker and has a more grainy texture. Cantonese porridge often includes seafood and meats, whereas Teochew porridge focuses on simpler ingredients like preserved vegetables, pickles, and braised dishes.
What is Teochew porridge called?Teochew porridge is also commonly referred to as “muay” or “mueh” in the Teochew dialect.

Yong Xing Teochew Porridge Address

Address: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, B1-06 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051

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