Bangkok Jam Marina Square (Dining Edition)

Bangkok Jam is a modern Thai bistro conveying the pulse and energy of Asia’s City of Angels, better known as Bangkok. Coupling a contemporary take on Thai cuisine and an interior regaled with Bangkok iconography and graphic art, Bangkok Jam immerses guests in the experience of dining in the very heart of Bangkok.

Great Marina Square food!



+65 6338 6632

Hey, have you checked out Bangkok Jam yet? It’s this amazing spot for delicious Thai food in Singapore. The staff there are super cool and the atmosphere is really cozy. It’s perfect for hanging out with your fam or with a group of friends. And, let me tell you, the food is sooo good. 

They have all the classics like Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai, Thai green curry, and even Mango Sticky Rice. The best part is that they have options for vegetarians, gluten-free peeps, and Halal too. Plus, the prices are pretty reasonable for the amount of food you get. Seriously, if you’re up for exploring Thai cuisine or just want a satisfying meal, Bangkok Jam is where you want to be!

Bangkok Jam Marina Square Address & Telephone

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02-105B/105C Singapore 039594

Telephone: +65 6338 6632

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