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NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger
NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger closed on the dot, no Cheese burgers available in Katong after 9pm!

NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger

A simple no frills CB that aims to satisfy your cravings. A CB that bursts out with local flavour.

Our CB focuses on offering only “no gimmick” homemade cheeseburgers, which come with “flame-grilled smoky handmade beef patties” layered with lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of cheddar between toasted buns.


Weekdays: 10am - 9pm, Weekends: 9am - 9pm

+65 8872 0160

Nothing But Cheese Burger

NBCB (Nothing But Cheese Burger) is a burger joint that offers delicious, handcrafted cheeseburgers in Singapore. The name “NBCB” stands for “Nothing But Cheese Burgers,” emphasizing their dedication to serving high-quality cheeseburgers that will make you go “NBCB!*@#. The brand prides itself on creating vulgarity good cheeseburgers that leave a lasting impression on customers.

The menu at NBCB features a variety of brioche burgers made with juicy beef patties, fresh ingredients, and melted cheese. Some of their popular offerings include the Classic Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, and Chicken Burger. Each burger is carefully prepared to ensure a flavorful and satisfying experience. Alongside their burgers, they also offer fried-to-order sides that complement the meal.

NBCB has multiple outlets in Singapore, including one at i12 Katong. The i12 Katong outlet is located on the first floor of the mall. The operating hours may vary, so it’s advisable to check their official website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

If you’re craving a delicious cheeseburger in Singapore, NBCB is a great option to consider. Their commitment to quality ingredients and handcrafted burgers has garnered them positive reviews and a loyal customer base.

NBCB Menu and Prices

Ala-Carte Burgers:

  1. NBCB Burger: SGD 13.10
  2. DCB Burger: SGD 20.70
  3. CCB Burger: SGD 9.80
  4. Haha Burger: SGD 12
  5. WTF Burger: SGD 10.90
  6. BLT Burger: SGD 9.80

Burger Sets (Customers can top up $4 to make it a set meal with fries and drinks:

  1. NBCB Set: SGD 17.50
  2. DCB Set: SGD 21.90
  3. CCB Set: SGD 14.20
  4. Haha Burger Set: SGD 16.40
  5. WTF Burger Set: SGD 15.30
  6. BLT Burger Set: SGD 14.20

Mouth Itchy (Sides):

  1. Spicy Chicken Mid Wings: SGD 8.70
  2. Chicken Bites: SGD 8.70
  3. Fish Bites: SGD 8.70
  4. Eat Grass: SGD 8.70
  5. Kantang Of The Day: SGD 8.70

NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger Address

Address: 112 E Coast Rd, i12, Singapore 428802

Telephone: +65 8872 0160

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