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Lemon grass and basil creamy thing – my endings

DSC02010 e1410819755827 Lemon grass and basil creamy thing - my endings

Even a dessert from me now. Not my usual style, going sweet and all that – so here is actually a sweet and savoury one instead. Serves about 8 people, and is quite rich so you only need a small serving here people; 4 large lemons; 4 limes; Bottle of lemon juice; Bottle of lime […]

Russian salad, Japanese style – “Olivier-san”

DSC02746 e1410819380457 Russian salad, Japanese style - “Olivier-san”

Now the Japanese like potato salads, they also like pickled vegetables – known as Tsukemono. Pop to Russia and you get the same. There are traditional farmer style salads with pickled vegetables, potatoes, egg and the like. The salad I have had from Russia, recently, is called Olivier (nearly named after No.1 Son). So I […]

Mizuyo’s Japanese pork bellies

IMG 5245 e1412485511421 Mizuyo's Japanese pork bellies

This one comes from my mother-in-law, Mizuyo. Thanks for this Miz. She recently cooked this for my Mum and Nan in UK and it got the thumbs up from those two judges. So in my usual style I am going to steal it, tweak it and make it mine, ha ha! This is rather sweet, […]

Spam & Corned Beef Sisig

Spam & Corned Beef Sisig

Share Tweet Pinit WhatsApp Spam & Corned Beef Sisig Off to the Philippines now for my version of one of my all-time Filipino dishes, Sisig. But this is Spam & Corned Beef Sisig, my style. Daddypedia time now; I had no idea that Sisig is a Kapampangan word to describe snacking on something sour. I […]